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Younger Writers VS Older Writers with More Wisdom – Who is Better?



The question comes up every so often with writers as to who is the better author? Who has more wisdom? Who writes more words per day, per week and whose words carry the great depth of understanding, wisdom or knowledge? One might say that the older writer is far superior in such regard, but are they really? You see as a younger writer, I just have a hard time buying into such logic.

Indeed, although I would not of course need any of the those Viagra Pills to perform or do the higher mathematics, I duly note the older gentleman’s experiences and expertise as well and merely ask, let’s examine the score board as you say: Stats, real world knowledge, success, numbers, etc.

For the writing, it seems I am new at this only been writing for two-years, but still in that two-years I have done what would take another 10, which is about the ratio of my other endeavors, perhaps maybe even a bigger gap now that I think about it. I average between 4,000 and 16,800 words per day.

So my contention is that not every young man is young, dumb and full of piss and vinegar to no avail, there are standouts who rise to the occasion and it is obvious who they are, as they stand out above the crowds, there are always anomalies in society and social groupings.

An older gentleman is on one side of the spectrum, I on another, and thus I think that as long as they produce good content, essays, books and articles they should be good enough to stand on their own accord without the AARP lobby helping them. Because, quite frankly an older and more experienced writer ought to be able to handle themselves on the keyboard or in the writing profession and stand on their accomplishments.


Source by Lance Winslow


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