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Many folks think that winning is a matter of luck, and for winning the lottery that might be so, still to win you have to play, you have to put yourself out there, or in the winning of the lottery you have to at least, at minimum buy a ticket, otherwise you cannot win. As someone who has had a ton of success in my life, I look back and what I remember most is the journey and hard work to get there. Let me give you some examples.

To run a 4-minute mile, I trained everyday with no days off, at least 10-miles often with speed work in the middle of long runs, 2-minutes of race pace. I was sore all the time, hungry all the time, blisters, pain, you name it, but I just kept going, because that’s what it takes.

When I wanted to franchise my company, I sat down and wrote 3000 pages of manuals, business plans, forms, and marketing attack plans. I perfected my business model, one I’d been doing for over 10-years, often working 15-17 hours a day.

When I became a prolific online writer, I can recall times that I wrote 30-50 articles a day, day in and day out, literally writing from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. Then spent days studying information to have enough intake to write those articles (now equals some 10.5 million words). All of it was nothing less than hard work, no not physical, but mental.

Why do I explain this to you? Well, it seems like the “equality” crowd is telling us that you can only succeed in the US if you are rich and white, and that is just a slap in the face to all the hard work I put in. So, I have something say, namely:

“No offense to the many Americans who have adopted a Victimhood Mentality, but just so you know Winning Is Not An Accident.”

Ask any winner, any Olympic Athlete, any billionaire business man, any scientific Nobel Prize winner, just ask anyone who has succeeded in anything; ask them if it was an accident, and if they say it was just being in the right place at the right time, or luck, look in their eyes and ask again; how tough was it to do that? And they will tell you the truth; hard work.

Katy Perry has a decent song worth listening to and watching on YouTube which is set to the Rio Olympics in the video rendition, look up: Katy Perry – Rise (NBC Olympics video). Watch that video and think about it.


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