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Sometimes I feel sorry for inorganic matter, that’s funny right? I mean we care about our dogs and cats or other pets, our families, starving children in Africa and some people even go out of their way to hug trees. Now then, what do all these things have in common? They are partly made up of carbon. So, if someone tells you to cut back on your carbon footprint, how can you actually do that? You are 17% mad of carbon, so every footprint is stamped by carbon – it’s an element, so is Oxygen, together the form CO2, a gas at room temperature and a trace gas needed for life, or at least the type of life we have here on Earth. There is nothing evil about CO2.

Still, Global Warming Theory has us believing that CO2 from humankind’s emissions are causing catastrophic warming of our planet, no matter we’ve been in a warming period for over 10,000 years, which has been very good for our species (almost 8 Billion strong now). If carbon dioxide is so bad, then why not start collecting carbon waste from industrial plants, that is wise, plus the carbon is worth something – we can use it for making stuff, carbon composites for transportation, building materials, etc. That is the solution to CO2 pollution.

That is “IF” mankind’s 3% of the total CO2 pollution in the atmosphere is really a problem for our planet.It is a problem near large populations and urban heat islands, not such a problem near forests or large agricultural areas. The problem is the doom and gloom scare tactics, and the propaganda, attacks on free-market capitalism and the agenda driven folks behind it all. If we want to stop pollution in the air and in the sea, I am totally with you, but I am not for living a lie – manipulated data, brain-washing the masses, or telling a lie over and over until everyone believes in the new Global Warming religion.

Animal species and migrating patterns are said to prove Global Warming Theory – it is even coupled to peer reviewed research – but it proves nothing really, regional variations need decades to prove trend lines. Camels originally came from North America, today there are none here, so what, does that prove mankind’s CO2 caused heating thus the animals left millions of years ago to migrate elsewhere, certainly not, no evidence there.

Research showing one thing doesn’t automatically correspond to the answers to all questions and observations on Earth. Even the GW Alarmists agree it is complicated, yet simply tell us the so-called corresponding events are fact. We have a push-pull with regards to Occam’s Razor and the Complexity of Chaos. If we challenge the simple explanation they tell us it is complicated, if we challenge the data on the complex, it is simple; weather, see?

The Global Warming Alarmists seem to think this way and come up with endless and mindless crap to pretend to prove themselves correct for instance; Hurricane Season strong = Global Warming, Hurricane Season Weak = Global Warming. Big Flu Season = Global Warming. Everything seems to = Global Warming. Doesn’t anyone see the pattern here?

Why not sick the Climate Model Super Computers on the root cause of omnipresent Global Warming Propaganda? It’s quite predictable, any and all natural events = Global Warming, and we can get a grant for $250,000 to study it, quick submit the proposal for funding.


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