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Sarcoptic mange is often a challenge to most clinicians due to its clinical manifestation that borders a wide spectrum of skin conditions. The way that sarcoptic mange presents closely resembles flea allergic dermatitis, demodectic mange and generalized hypersensitivity what is alternatively called allergy. Without proper history of the way the owner takes care of their pet there are chances that the condition may be easily confused with other allergic conditions. The fact that the mites Sarcoptes scabei are not visible on the skin may also contribute to the misdiagnosis.

It is important that mange is identified and treated as early as possible since it is likely to degenerate to a worse form and the worst part is the fact that the disease is contagious. Even if there are no observable clinical symptoms of mange in other dogs the rule is that once one of the dogs is diagnosed with this skin conditions all the others must be treated as a precaution.

As earlier mentioned the condition should be examined carefully to avoid confusion with severe allergy that is caused by a wide range of agents in the dog such as food and environment. According to epidemiology statistics in USA and Canada the number of dogs with this condition is higher than those that suffer from ticks, lice and flea infestations. With this epidemiology knowledge at the back of your mind, you should always think about mange whenever you see an allergic like condition to reduce the chances of misdiagnosis of the condition.

Particularly when the pet owner has no history of dipping their pet with acaricides. This may be a good case to suspect that it could be sarcoptic mange that is causing the allergy like symptoms. You will find this approach useful to eliminating chances of misdiagnosis of sarcoptic mange.

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Source by Dr Joe Njenga


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