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Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?



Since there are so many variables when it comes to making a case, anyone who has suffered an injury needs to ensure they are correctly represented in order to succeed when it comes to taking a case to trial.

Before a lawsuit can be bought against someone, a case must be built around the incident that occurred which caused the injury or damage. It usually isn’t as simple as one person claiming injury because of negligence of another; proof must be obtained that the claim is genuine and qualifies court attention.

As well as taking a case to trial, sometimes an insurance company will acknowledge liability on behalf of their client and make a settlement offer. In such cases, a personal injury lawyer would be beneficial to ensure that sufficient compensation is offered. Insurance companies do not like handing over money, so if someone who has suffered and injury where the insurance company offers a settlement, it might be that the insurance company offer less than what should be offered, in such cases the personal injury lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company so that a favourable settlement figure can be achieved.

The cost of a personal injury lawyer may differ from each law firm; however the majority of firms will work on a no win no fee basis. This means that if the lawsuit is unsuccessful, the law company will not request a fee. If however the lawsuit is successful, they will require a percentage of the monies that were awarded through the case. Always ensure that you are aware of the fee before you decide to go ahead with the case.

Please note also that fees and costs are different. So although the case will be on a no win no fee basis, costs will still need to be paid. Costs may include monies that will be paid for filing a lawsuit, so as well as making yourself aware of what percentage of fee will be required, also ensure you know what costs will be involved which you are expected to pay.

Since there will be a number of attorneys in your area, you should do your research to ensure you choose an attorney who will best represent you. To find out what attorneys are in your area, you can seek advice from health care professionals or on the online lawyer directory. As well as this, ask your friends or contact a lawyer referral service. If you have decided you need a personal injury lawyer to represent you, you want to ensure you have the best attorney which you can afford to ensure a successful lawsuit.

Personal injury lawyers usually specialise in certain areas, so when you are looking around for a suitable attorney, also take into consideration the area of expertise so you hire an attorney who specialises in the practice that fits in with the type of injury you occurred.


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