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HomeWhy Are Humans Trying To Combat Climate Change In The First Place?

With regards to Global Warming (Definition means; humankind’s CO2 output is causing catastrophic warming of our planet) and the re-branded Climate Change (a silly name for an obvious characteristic of our Earth’s atmosphere – aka – change is the only constant) we need to be serious about just how much increase human CO2 is really causing our continued 10,000 year warming trend. The reality is; not much. And even if we stop all fossil fuel burning it won’t amount to much of any overall change anyway.

Yet, our leadership wants to “TRY” just in case hell doesn’t freeze over? WTH, this is not based on science. CO2 is a mere trace gas and humans only put out 3% of its total here on Earth, it’s just not a viable “Chicken Little Story” to run with, but they are going to try aren’t they?

There was an interesting article in Bloomberg recently titled; “Clean Power Plan Put on Hold by US Supreme Court,” by Greg Stohr (February 10, 2016). The article stated:

“The U.S. Supreme Court blocked a new federal regulation that would cut emissions from power plants, putting a hold on Obama’s most ambitious effort to combat climate change. The justices heeded calls from utilities, coal miners and more than two dozen states to halt the Environmental Protection Agency rule while court challenges go forward. Foes say the agency is overstepping its authority and intruding on states’ rights. The delay lasts at least until a federal appeals court in Washington rules on the plan, probably later this year after it hears arguments in June. If the utilities and states lose in that court, the delay would continue while they sought Supreme Court review. The EPA won’t able to enforce a Sept. 6 deadline for states to either submit their emission reduction plans or request a two-year extension.”

Note the comment above; “Obama’s most ambitious effort to combat climate change,” because if you think about it, it is rather arrogant for any many with any amount of ‘Audacity’ to assume they could combat continental drift, the Earth’s orbit, or climate change. Out climate has been changing for 4.5 Billion years, that’s what it does. “Change is the Only Constant” as one famous scientist once noted (Einstein, in case you missed that one).

The reality is, that we cannot stop our climate from changing, nor should we want to, nor should we try. We certainly shouldn’t destroy our energy sector or economy in such a frivolous pursuit, so think on that, and then please vote accordingly.


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