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My grandmother was always quoting things at us while we grew up post World War II and the worst depression ever. She saved everything and was very keen to make sure that waste was not on our program. Lights were turned off immediately they ceased to be used, bits of string were wound up and put into a draw, and wrapping paper was always preserved for recycling.

Her philosophy of a penny saved is a penny earned belonged to her era but it no longer applies in today’s world of consumerism. While some may think that bargain hunting is the way to go they might consider their need for such goods beforehand.

What is the point of saving a few dollars on something that you might never use? What is the result of packing cupboards up with cheaper goods that will in the long run be given away? Or why buy something because it is cheap when on arrival home it does not do the job you intended for it?

These are just some examples of how the philosophy does not fit today’s world. As a user of the Internet, however, there are more modern examples to attend to.

Companies that put up things for nothing ultimately have to pay staff and others for them. That is where it is wise to give something back to them. If you deal with a publishing company who has served you well what is wrong with paying them for their services.

Those who think that by exploiting such people will save them money should think again. What happens when they can no longer be that service provider? The cost of one setting up advertising and other things would far outweigh the few dollars they ask by way of a contribution.

My philosophy is to pay for what I receive. Good companies are hard to come by and seeing them prosper is far more beneficial to my purposes than a whole string of cheats and people wanting things for nothing. I don’t need to earn pennies in this way.

Source by Norma Holt


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