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For those, who used – to claim, and believe, their vote didn’t matter (make any difference), the elections of 2016, certainly, should have proved, to them, elections often have consequences! In these past few years, since them, we have observed a degree of polarization, and division, as this nation, probably has not witnessed, since the Civil War! Sustainable issues, such as environmental protections, Climate Change, etc, have, either, been ignored, denied, or steps taken, to attempt to, at – least, partially, destroy! It seems to many, all of the gains, in terms of Civil Rights protections, have been reduced, and/ or, reversed! The nature, and composure, of the Federal Courts, especially the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court, has been, significantly, altered. Even, the tax system, concept, has been altered, in a way, which significantly favored, the wealthiest individuals, and corporation, and had little, to no, positive impacts, on much of the middle – class. President Trump’s handling of this horrific pandemic, which began with dismantling much of the pandemic panel, prior to it, to ignoring its onset, to denying its effects, refusing to either, personally, wear a mask, or encourage others, to do that, and maintain social distancing, etc, may be the most disturbing, partially – avoidable, event, of that period! With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this nation needs to do, next, to ensure a better future for America.

1. Ethics/ integrity in government: For someone, who campaigned, stating we needed to drain the swamp, we have, instead, witnessed, a level of swamp – like actions, as we have never seen before! If we have learned, anything, and hope for a brighter future, we must implement steps, to ensure, future leaders, and administrations, are held to higher ethical standards, and maintain integrity, in terms of their behavior, and activities!

2. Conflicts of Interest: Every U.S. President, after Richard Nixon, released his tax information, until Donald Trump, refused to! With all, at – stake, releasing this information, must be codified, so we are certain, no one is above the law! Without that, we will never be able to protect American policy, to ensure it prioritizes the needs, goals, etc, of our people, instead of any elected official’s personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

3. Change political campaigning: Nearly, every other nation, restricts campaign periods, to about 90 days, or so, but, in the country, it seems to continue, for years! If a corporation’s advertising distorted, and/ or, lied, as much as political ones, they would probably face criminal charges! Don’t we need, these things, to be held, to higher standards, etc?

4. Constitutional guarantees: In recent memory, this nation is closer to being in a Constitutional Crisis, than, ever, before! We must ensure, all Constitutional guarantees, and all the rights, freedoms, and justice, we are supposed, to stand for, and represent, are, actual, and guaranteed, or the nature of America, risks being changed, forever!

5. Environmental protection, and Climate Change: The United States must rejoin the Paris Accords, because, if we don’t do so, sooner, rather than later, it could be too late, to take viable steps, to address the inherent risks, to future generations! In addition, we must reverse the apparent efforts, by the Trump administration, to alter, the steps, taken, for decades, to protect our environment, and ensure clean air, water, etc.

6. Balance of Powers: The Founding Fathers felt, it was essential, to ensure this nation, has a Balance of Powers, between the co – equal branches, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, to ensure, we avoided become a monarchy, or worse! Many of us, felt, we had that, but, discovered, if someone, doesn’t comply, unless the guidelines are enforced, and enforceable, it is very possible, for an individual to exceed the optimum power, of one branch. We must address this, soon!

7. Separation of Church and State: Although, individually, both, religious freedom, and a free nation, are, wonderful concepts, the so – called, Freedom of Religion, meant, anyone could celebrate whatever religion, he wished (or none, if he preferred), and there was to be, no, State Religion! We must ensure this!

Wake up, America, and learn from the experiences of the past (especially, these past 4 years), and take steps, to protect, this nation’s identity, and meaning, into the future! Are you ready, willing, and able to stand – up, for these essential rights, and needs?

Source by Richard Brody


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