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One of the best online business idea is from “public domain.” its actually means that particular domain is available for everyone to use for any purpose. These materials are therefore “public property.” Best thing is it’s FREE to use and you do not have to spend a penny to make money from them.

With some knowledge, positive effort and time there is a definitely a chance to make some serious money and have your own online business. It’s almost shocking how profitable it can be.

Writing your own would take ages to complete and hiring writer can be very costly but Using FREE content can save you time and money.

How to Identify Them?

* Works published or produce before 1923 are considered public domain.

* The public domain is writings, books, pictures, images and film that no longer have a copyright attached to them. In other words, the copyright has expired.

Where Can You Find These Materials?

The best place to look for these materials is Internet. Use any Search Engine and type: Public Domain books, Pictures, Film, Music, Audios and works.

Apart from websites, you can also find them in forums just search for ”public domain forum”.

You can always go any public library and best thing is that there will always be someone to help.

After finding the materials you need, you are now ready for the next step, which is how to prepare these public domain works for resale. One of the proven packaging methods to re-sell works is through an eBook.

After choosing one or two works from the them that incites your passion, now is the time for you to generate sales with your online business. Here are some tips to help you:


The best way to start online business Public Domain is to create an eBooks. Copy the content and re-sell it for a profit. You can make many copies and convert them in to a downloadable eBook. Its very easy to create an eBook just search for primed and download free software for eBooks. This is one of the easy way to start your online business without spending a penny.

Give your eBook a face lift by adding some images and colours. After that, you can start Reselling.

Recreate Images.

Another great way to earn is to recreate public domain images and the way to do is through Photoshop or any image editing software. You do not have to be expert.

once you have a collection of these “modernized” public domain images, you can group them and then publish them as themed calendars, posters, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, or other gift items. You can even print your products and sell them online as t-shirts, hats, book bags, cards, and more. You will be surprised how well it will go.

Resell eBooks Through Affiliate Programs.

Now you have got your eBook and its selling but you find that its not selling that fast, so another great way of selling your eBook is by affiliate programs, where you give your content to others and they sell for you and both of you get the profits. This will generate very healthy income.


You can use them as a bonus to your main product which will boost up your sales. People love bonuses or free stuff when they buy something. As you can see in the supermarket and it works really well.

Source by Wasim Ghouri


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