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Nowadays, we are very familiar to hearing the word ‘Data Science’. What does it actually mean? It is the science or technology which focuses on collecting raw data and processing it in an effective manner. In all our daily work, indirectly we work on storing and exchanging data. With the rapid development in technology, the need of storing data effectually is also increasing. That’s why it needs to be handled properly. So basically, it is discovering hidden insights of raw data and using them for productive output.

Now, why do we need data science?

It is emerging as a boon in the industry. Companies are more focused on data mining to make their business more productive. They are working more on the data driven approach, rather than other strategies to bring the firm to the top in the market. According to surveys, the demand for data scientists is increasing day by day. We collect, store and process data every second. For example–> In a hospital, the information of patients is recorded every minute. Everyone is using net banking for online transactions, in that too we are giving our data on the sites (pin number, account number etc.) and the data is processed to give the output. So, the security of our data is also important. We can take the example of ‘Netflix’ too. What Netflix does is: it insights the interest of the user and then arrange the movies and TV series pattern according to them which has made it popular. There is a good future in it for those who are interested in the technical world. There would be many jobs with high packages available in the future. So, in this way, it is helping the industry and that’s why the demand of data scientists is increasing.


Now, after understanding the importance, the question that arises is ‘How should it be done?’ It uses python programming language. Python is among the top most languages at this time. Python is beating Java in the data science market. Python is an object-oriented programming language and it has features which make it more user friendly for programming. For example- We don’t need to write data types, there is no need of syntax; we can simply just write the code. It has more functions as compared to other programming languages. Python is the programming language which works on all things from data mining to building websites. So, python has a great use in the data science market. Anyone who is seeking a future in the data science industry should learn python.


So, there are many online courses available on the internet which teaches a complete course of data science, including many topics like data integration, data mining, python etc. and provides certificates as well. Students have to complete assignments and projects on time, which insures experience to the students. There would be online examinations too. So, you can check out for online courses on the internet.

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