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What Exactly Is Kinetic Energy?



The scientific and most common definition of kinetic energy is the work that is necessary to set an object of a definite mass into the stated velocity from the position of its rest. In other words, kinetic energy can be viewed as the energy that an object possesses because of its speed or motion. The kinetic power of the object would however change if its speed changes and the object would no longer posses any kinetic power if it comes to a halt. The amount of work necessary to make the object to come to a halt from its current speed of acceleration is equivalent to the kinetic energy it possesses at that time.

Simply put, kinetic energy is the energy that is observed while doing almost anything; be it walking, running, moving, clapping, talking, lifting, driving. Any action that includes any sort of movement will induce kinetic power into the object in motion. All things in motion possesses kinetic energy and that energy can be calculated via a simple formula like K = ½mv² (K = Kinetic power, m = mass, v = velocity).

Innovative Uses of Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy has been put into use by human beings to build and move things from ancient times, be it in the form of animals, men or modern machineries. Here are a few innovative designs made recently that utilizes kinetic power in a smart and efficient way.

  1. The Kyocera EOS – This amazing phone uses piezoelectric generators to recharge itself, which in other words means that the more one uses the phone, the better recharged it stays. The piezoelectric generators mentioned earlier turns the mechanical energy of the user into electrical energy that runs the phone, making conventional recharging irrelevant.
  2. The Krank lamp by Efren E. Velez – Originally designed for the Greener Gadget Design Competition (2008), the Krank lamp does not require batteries or an electric socket to light up. All one needs to do is crank the lamp up for a few minutes and it’s ready to provide LED light for hours at a stretch.
  3. The Kinetic Mouse – Powered by technology that converts the kinetic power generated from moving a computer mouse around, into electric energy; the kinetic wireless mouse will never need recharging. This self-sufficient mouse has been designed by Natalie Miklosic both for the purpose of convenience and also to make better use of the kinetic power that almost always goes to waste.


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