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Isn’t it about time for Americans, who disagree about policies, ideas, priorities, needs, goals, approaches, and actions, to speak to each other, instead of talking, at one another? Since America’s inception, and independence, nearly 250 years ago, we have been able to pride – ourselves, on our Constitutional guarantees, which provides many freedoms, liberties, and justice, for all! One of the essentials, which distinguish us, is, we are a nation, who supposedly, follow the rule of law. If/ when, we fail to fight, for these, what does the United States, become, in the future? In recent memory, we are undergoing a period, when these rights, etc, have appeared to be, under – siege, and the level of polarization, of our citizens, is, unlike any, we have ever witnessed! It seems, many want to selectively, determine, which laws to enforce, and overlook, and, seem to replace factual interpretation of laws, with convenient ones, based on their personal opinions, personal/ political agenda, and self – interest! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what we are (in both the near – term, and longer – term), without maintaining the rule of law?

1. The Southern Wall: President Trump’s rhetoric/ vitriol, when discussing immigrants, and their supposed, threat to national security and safety, is exemplified, when it comes to his symbolic, Southern Wall! Most security experts believe there would be little, true, longer – term benefit, in terms of safety, etc, by installing this expensive edifice, yet, Trump, apparently to appeal to his political core supporters, uses it, as a pillar of his priorities. He has used money, authorized for other projects and programs, to fund this effort, even though, Congress has specifically, attempted to restrict these actions, and voted against doing so! The concept, No one is above the law, is anything but, the mind – set of this President!

2. Foreign interference: After a prolonged investigation, where many parties, including a major Senate committee, the Mueller Report, nearly every intelligence agency, etc, came to the conclusion, Russia interfered with the 2016 Presidential election, the present occupant of the White House, stated, it was a political hoax, etc, and, had nothing to do, with him. Isn’t it dangerous, when someone seems to believe he is a monarch, rather than the President of the United States?

3. Attorney General Barr’s Justice Department: Trump has often spoken of his desire, to have his own version, of the infamous, Roy Cohn, who has his back, and carries out his wishes. To many, it seems, he found his man, in the current Attorney General! In normal times, the Attorney General is not supposed to be the President’s attorney, but the people’s lawyer!

4. Equal justice?: This administration has made a farce – of, the idea of, equal justice, to all! We are witnessing a level of Institutional Racism, and an effort, to create, the haves, and have – nots! Prejudice, racism, rhetoric, message, and apparent focus, seem to emphasize, widening this gulf, and denying any attempt at an equal enforcement/ rights, under – the – law!

5. Attack on our Constitution: When it’s convenient, Trump, and his supporters/ enablers, use the Constitution, as a defense, and justification, to defend their positions/ perspectives/ point of view! Their narrow interpretation of the Second Amendment, in an apparent attempt to justify opposing any type of sane gun safety legislation, seems hypocritical, when we witness their positions regarding many other of the Bill of Rights! This President’s refusal to comply with Congressional oversight, etc, seems to put, in – jeopardy, the concept of the Balance of Powers! Similarly, emphasizing religion, to appeal to evangelicals, is somewhat contradictory to, Separation of Church and State!

Wake up, America, and protect our Constitutional, and all its guarantees, etc, before, this nation, no longer, follows the Rule of Law! Do so, sooner, rather than later, or we risk, losing our proud identity!

Source by Richard Brody


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