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What Are the Benefits of Being a Utility Warehouse Distributor?



I’ve been a Network Marketer for the Utility Warehouse since autumn 2008 and sometimes find it hard to understand how the majority of people don’t initially see the benefits that are brought to your life.

The benefits:

Added Confidence

Network marketing companies are very aware that the very nature of the business requires persistence, belief and confidence. For this reason, distributors are urged to read self-improvement material on a regular basis. Not only does this help your career as a network marketer, but it can improve your everyday life. In the short time that I’ve been involved in the business, people have commented on my positive outlook to life whatever the situation. I credit this solely to the part self-development books and audio have played in my life.

Time Freedom

I’m no longer ruled by my employer. If I put an hour each day into my Utility Warehouse business, it doesn’t matter whether I do it at 9am or 6pm! I’m my own boss and it gives me the freedom to choose how I plan my day. Be it around my family, training events or socially – I can juggle situations to suit my requirements.


I’ve always had 2 financial concerns: putting food on the table today and putting enough money away to be comfortable in my retirement. Network marketing has put an end to any such worries. I can see the monthly pay rise that I get and I can look confidently forward to the future knowing that my retirement will be more than comfortable. This was not the case when I was employed – living to and beyond my means on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

New Friends

It is a fact that Network Marketers are the most optimistic, friendly, outgoing group of people that you will ever come across. It is the nature of the industry that makes Network Marketers so willing to talk, smile and interact with almost anyone that they meet. We are all in the same situation and there is a huge emphasis on helping fellow network marketers overcome any initial struggles or difficulties that they may encounter. Personally, I now have a new circle of extremely successful, happy, positive people that are a pleasure to associate with.


When can I holiday? Anytime! When can I take the afternoon off? Any day I like! Will I still get paid if I decide to explore the World for 6 months? Definately! And not only that – chances are that I’ll be getting a steady pay increase every month that I’m away!

The negatives:


When you start to become successful at network marketing, people will begin to notice a change in you. They’ll see your new outlook on life, your refusal to become negative and bitter and, most probably, your improved financial status. They’ll hear about what you do and will likely want to “knock you off your perch”. They’ll snigger that you’ve been tricked into joining a “pyramid scam” and tell you that you must be afraid of hard work. People like this wear their lack of time, early rises and poor pay like a badge. Anybody that doesn’t work 9-5 must be a bit of loser. I’ve never been able to understand this mentality. We all come across these people and having the ability, confidence and knowledge to ignore their bitter comments is crucial to becoming a successful network marketer.

I’m struggling to think of any more negatives. Certainly, as a distributor for the Utility Warehouse, I feel very well looked after by the company and cannot fault its approach or, indeed, its services.


Source by Danny Rich


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