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Not only are western clothing styles extremely romantic, they are also a staple in today’s fashion world. From the sexy peasant tops popular on the runways to the fitted straight-leg or boot-leg jeans sold in most stores, western fashion is a part of the wardrobes of most American women today.

From the time of the cowboy, western clothing has made an impression on the fashion industry, both for men and women. The western look inspires women to choose styles that are both feminine and comfortable, while giving men a look that is rugged, masculine, and mysterious. One classic look in western fashion is the western-style button-down shirt. This is a style that is worn by men, women, and children alike. For women, this look is usually a softer version of the male design made with more feminine fabrics. For example, most designers add princess seams and floral prints to these shirts to give them a softer, more feminine feel without sacrificing comfort or practicality. For the woman looking for a more romantic, sexier top, you may want to shop for a classic peasant top. This type of blouse is usually fitted close to the body with sleeves that flare slightly. Peasant tops can be plain and simple, or covered with lace and embroidery. A peasant top can be worn with a pretty skirt for a special occasion, or with a pair of sexy, boot-cut jeans and some cowgirl boots for a casual get-together.

Though men’s fashion often differs less than women’s, men’s trends also borrow from western fashion. Before any modern man can declare that he hasn’t copied the cowboy’s style a time or two, he should first ask himself if he’s ever owned a flannel shirt. Western farmers and ranchers (cowboys) wore plaid flannel shirts because of their comfortable style and warm, durable material. And although many men wearing flannel shirts today aren’t ranchers or even farmers, most wear this type of shirt for the same reasons: durability and comfort.

For women, it seems that cowgirl style has caught on to fashion and hasn’t let go since. Almost every American girl with a bold sense of style has a cute cowgirl hat resting in her closet, waiting for the perfect moment to be worn. These same fashion-conscious girls may also have a rhinestone, cowgirl-style belt to wear with her favorite pair of boot-leg jeans. These thick belts, often with tassels and fringes, originated in western styles and traveled quickly throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

It is no secret that most women love shoes. For some women, the mere mention of the word “boots” causes a shiver of delight. One popular boot style today is the lace-up boot. Most styles of lace-up boots were taken directly from western culture. Women wore these types of boots in the early 1940’s and into 1950’s. At the time, these boots were worn for practicality and style– they were used for horseback riding and ranching, and as an expression of personal taste. Each authentic pair of cowgirl boots is made with genuine leather and often has hand-sewn stitching on the sides and front.

In the world, it seems like each place has its own personal style– common trends unique to its residents. There are only a few fashion trends that are universal, that carry from one place to the next. One of those fashions is western apparel. For example, the cowboy hat, cowboy belt, and leather cowboy boot are some of the world’s best-known fashion staples. These items never go out of style.

Western clothing is in such high demand that they have western stores dedicated to making this style available to everyone. One good place to try is http://www.westernwear.ca, which is a western clothing retailer. This site sells both men’s and women’s fashions, including boots, belts and hats. Their website offers pictures of each item to better help you decide on a purchase, and their online checkout is fairly simple.

Source by Gordon Petten


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