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The ‘UNIMATIC S-Series’ is the newest collection from the luxury timepiece manufacturer. The S-Series contains four watches that are each focused on ultra-chic minimalism. With monochrome colors and near-blank dials, these watches are perfect for the modern minimalist.

The four watches share a similar design choice. The dial features a plain black backdrop and small ‘UNIMATIC’ branding on the bottom center. Each of the three hands are made out of ‘Super-LumiNova C1’ which glows in the dark. The dial also features a small white dot made with Super-LumiNova C1, while two of the larger models feature an additional small white dot on the bezel. There are no unnecessary designs or engravings on this watch as the designer has placed minimalism at the forefront.

The watches are available for preorder on UNIMATIC’s online store for roughly $830 USD.

Image Credit: UNIMATIC

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