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In this article, we’ll look at some basic facts around energy, how it affects you and others, and how to make use of this knowledge to foster good health.

The facts, as we’ve been told

Albert Einstein’s work shows us that all matter is energy. Every single thing is made up of tiny bits of energy – bits of neutrons, protons, and a nucleus – all mostly empty space with all the little bits flying around, or vibrating. These little bits arrange themselves in particular patterns to form your body, a table, your coffee mug, and even your thoughts. All energy travels in waves and has different amplitudes and frequencies. (Drew Rozell, The Magnet – Law of Attraction newsletter, May 2006 edition).

The indestructibility of energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed – just transformed into a different form of energy. E.g. food in the tummy turns to muscle, blood, waste, and heat.

The connection of all things

We are all made out of the same ‘stuff’- energy. Everything – live or inanimate – is connected due to the premise that we are all made of the same stuff.

The vibrations of all things

Nothing is in essence ‘solid’ or ‘still’ – everything is vibrating at a (usually) undetected frequency.

How vibrations affect other things

Energy travels in waves. Energy waves are attracted to other waves of the same frequency. Vibrations create energy waves. Thus things, people, and thoughts of the same frequency of vibrations are attracted to one another.

How vibrations affect your body

Thoughts are energy impulses created when the cells in your brain fire off messages. These energy impulses go through your body in waves. Sometimes the thought-energy waves are of an intense frequency. We call this ’emotion’ (‘energy in motion’).

Thoughts/emotions leave your body as energy waves. This has been measured and photographed in different experiments. See Dr Emoto’s study of the effect of thought on water crystals at http://www.whatthebleep.com/crystals/.

“So thanks for the basic science lesson,” you say, “but what does this mean in practical terms and why should I care?”

Intense emotion with its intense energy wave can affect the body’s cells in a positive or negative way, depending on the frequency. Negative thoughts and emotions tend to have a destructive vibration, while positive thoughts and vibrations invigorate and stimulate the cells. Positive emotions tend to boost your immune system. The saying “laughter is the best medicine” is founded on the science of positive vibrations.

Tune in your antenna

There are waves of energy flowing around and through us all the time. Like a radio antenna, we can tune in to the frequencies we want to ‘listen’ to, and tune out the ones we do not. This is good news because it means we can consciously choose to receive only waves that are good for us, make us feel good, and create a positive experience. We can thus avoid a lot of the nasty vibrations. With awareness comes the opportunity to harness our thoughts and emotions, and therefore our health and ultimately our destiny. It is an exciting place to be in, a fun place to play in!

So how do tune in our antenna to ward off the negative vibes and groove with the good ones?

We need to set our antenna to vibrate at the right frequency. We do this by ensuring we are feeling good vibrations (yes, the Beach Boys were on to something!).

1. Start noticing your body. Do an internal body check when you wake up and when you go to sleep- mentally scan your body for how it feels, any areas of pain, stiffness, soreness, or discomfort. These are clues to disturbances in your thoughts/energy patterns. Focus on the most intense part of the discomfort and just observe. This will help release some of the built-up tension there and change the frequency of your mental/emotional vibrations.

2. Start noticing the beauty and abundance around you in small and fleeting things. When driving, set out to see and enjoy beauty – look for it, find it in the sky, the birds, and the color of the gum leaves. Observing the beauty of nature is a powerful way of ‘tuning in’ to the strength and goodness of the life force. I always feel very connected when I go to my garden and witness the miracle of life surging out of the dirt in the multiple shapes of trees, flowers, vegetables, fruit trees. How do these things do this??? How does a brilliant rose come from the dirt??? This is when I bow to the greater power of the universe and feel completely blessed to be a part of it, to be connected to it.

3. Find joy in small moments, in the very present ‘now’. One of my favorite ways of finding peace is to observe the neighbor’s cat. She saunters into our garden every day – completely immersed at the moment, looks around, stretches out, or curls up in the sun. She has no concern about the past or worry for the future – she simply is. When I pat her and she meows back at me and purrs – the simple delight of sharing a moment of tenderness with another living thing fills me with happiness – at this moment there is no pain, no worry, no fear – it simply ‘is’ – and this feels good. From that place I can then go on to my various responsibilities with greater clarity and calm – something inside me know that the universe is working on a higher plane – from a place that triggers tiny seeds to develop magnificent flowers – and it is in the wonder of this moment I find comfort, connection, safety, and peace.

Take Action Now:

Here are some ways to tune your antenna to “groove”:

1. Here is a 6-minute video on the “Evolution of Dance” that I can guarantee get you giggling and groovin’. You need a computer with sound to fully appreciate this one!


2. Click on this link: http://www.mayyoubeblessedmovie.com – and sit back and enjoy the reminders of what really matters in life. This is a wonderful video initiative that runs for around two minutes and is a positive and uplifting motivational piece. I liked it; it touched and moved me. Enjoy.

3. Go out into the wilderness. Nothing inspires like nature. Climb a hill, sit under a tree, walk by a creek. Feel part of this world in all its majesty, brilliance, and beauty.

Laser Thoughts

“When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take – choose the bolder.” – W.J. Slim

“Go my Sons, burn your books. Buy yourselves stout shoes. Getaway to the mountains, the deserts, and the deepest recesses of the earth. In this way and no other will you gain true knowledge of things and of their properties.” – Peter Severinus, 1571 AD

Source by Zoe Routh


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