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The 2021 tech trends highlight the year’s standout innovations, covering everything from smart kitchen appliances that streamline the cooking process, to virus-fighting concept designs that are made to provide consumers with more freedom in the “new normal.”

This includes the ‘Bubble Shield’ from Designlibero, which was created to keep wearers safe from viruses in dense areas where social distancing isn’t possible. The concept design consists of an egg-shaped plastic bubble, which is artfully decorated in geometric solar panels. These sun-powered panels keep the Bubble Shield’s battery charged, allowing it to purify the air within the covering.

In line with the mass transition to remote work in response to the pandemic, devices like the ‘Fitwork’ arose to help consumers meet their fitness goals as they send their emails. The strange device combines a supportive desk chair with a treadmill and an elliptical. As users sit and work, they can exercise their legs at the same time

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