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Winter is about to arrive and it is almost time for you to upgrade your wardrobe for the same. Just like women’s fashion, there are a lot of factors that affect the style of a gentleman. Not only the outfit, but the accessories as well as the undergarments that you are wearing decides your overall fashion sense.

This article can give you a collective overview of all the essentials that you need to have this fall. Other than clothing, these are must-haves in your wardrobe. Summer is drawing to a close and before you realize, it will be time for ice-skating. So, it is better that you prepare yourself in advance.

Here is a list of items that you can pair with your outfit in the upcoming fall.


A trendy scarf serves two functions for you. It keeps you warm and makes your appearance stylish as well as attention grabbing. It can help you set a style statement even when you are bundled with jackets and overcoats. Drape it around your neck or tie a knot, it will just add a spark to your look. The outfits during this season are generally light colored. So, you can use a bright colored scarf. The contrast of colors will really give an in-trend look. You can even consider the check-styles. They are equally bold and exciting.


No matter the season, an elegant wristwatch is always in fashion. Even the most stylish outfit is incomplete without a wrist piece. Your accessories should match your personality and preference. Thus, using bright colored wrist pieces is risky at times. A wristwatch featuring black leather belt and large dials are the most recommended one as they will match with almost all your outfit.


A pair of gloves is the combination of style and practicality. It provides you protection from the harmful ultra-violet sun rays and allows you to catch as much sun as you want. Other than this, it also adds a touch of style to your overall look. However, it is recommended to avoid sports sunglasses when you are in your formals.

Gloves and socks

These two items are essential for keeping you warm during winters. The socks should match the color of your shoes. The pair of gloves should be masculine and chic, both at the same time. It is important to keep your hands warm during the long commutes.

Undergarment style

Even the winter undergarments for men can be stylish. Boxers and boxer briefs are the most recommended underwear style. However, you will have to carefully choose the fabric of the same. Materials like nylon creates a layer of insulation and keeps the manhood warm and cozy. Woolen materials can also help, but they are sometimes uncomfortable. Your underneath clothing should feel soft against the skin. You can add some bright colors like wine red, royal blue, etc. One of the most trending design patterns in men’s underwear styles is the camouflage print. This can give a luxurious update to the traditional style of boxers and briefs.


A lightweight hat can give you a very handsome look during winter. You can even wear them in the month of October and November, when the temperature fluctuates between warm to cold. The best thing about hats is that they can be paired with almost all your outfits. Wear it with your formal coat and overcoat or with your funky jackets, it matches with them all.

All the fashion-conscious men should feel fortunate that they live in this era. The market provides you with enough opportunities to explore your style. So, make the best use of it and accessorize your winter outfit well, in order to set the best possible style statement.

Source by Michael Falcon A


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