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Welcome to This Week at DE featuring activities for the week of October 11th!

Monday marks the beginning of the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge. For the first time ever, we’re taking the final events virtual and they’re open to the public to watch. Ten BRILLIANT young students from across the country will be presenting their world-changing innovations to a group of judges and competing for the title of America’s Top Young Scientist. Join us for the events on Monday and Tuesday. 


On Wednesday, we’re excited to share a BIG announcement about new product updates. We can’t give away anything just yet, but check back here on Wednesday for the news! 


On Thursday, we will launch our first Educator Spotlight with Amy Erb, one of our Discovery Education educators. She will share a glimpse of how she’s managing her classroom, including tips and tricks, her favorite Discovery Education resources and more. Join us on Twitter to follow along, and let us know if YOU’D like to be featured in an upcoming takeover! 


Lastly, we’re also launching the brand new STEM Careers Channel in Discovery Education Experience, which will be available to check out starting on Thursday. We’re excited to bring you more immersive videos and activities to inspire students to pursue STEM careers and ultimately close the STEM careers gap in the workforce. 

Have a fantastic week, and we will see you next Sunday!

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