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Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is a scientific discovery devalued by financial interests. Most people don’t want to believe that dreams contain wise messages that must be respected.

The meaning of dreams was more than devalued with time. Too many impostors declare that they are able to understand the meaning of dreams, while their interpretations are based on their suppositions.

Carl Jung was the only one who managed to discover the meaning of God’s symbolic language in dreams because he looked for this meaning as an archaeologist.

He respected the scientific method during his investigation. My work proves this fact to the world. If his method was not able to translate God’s words in dreams, I wouldn’t be able to continue his research by obeying the guidance I had in my dreams.

I was too young and ignorant to be able to continue the complicated research of a psychiatrist and psychologist with he knowledge I had. My discoveries were in fact revelations, since they were not based on my personal speculations.

Nothing happens by chance in our planet, which was specially created in order to transform our satanic anti-conscience into a human conscience like the tiny conscience we receive from God.

Everything is very meaningful. This is why we can have information about our reality and the future by translating the meaning of facts that happen in our daily life, the same way we translate the meaning of dreams, thanks to the dream language.

We need information and protection all the time because we are in a dangerous world ruled by Satan. Everyone’s anti-conscience is a terrible demon, and the world is ruled by most people’s anti-conscience.

Carl Jung discovered the unconscious psychotherapy in the dream messages, and I confirmed the value of the unconscious treatment in dreams with my work and my discoveries, after continuing his research, proving that God is everyone’s doctor, since He is the dream producer.

Our dreams reflect what is happening in our psyche, what is happening in the world, what happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. Dreams provide us with natural psychotherapy because we need a mental health treatment in order to stop being absurd and evil.

We receive in a natural way the treatment we must follow while we are sleeping, the same way that everything in our organism is regulated in order to automatically function in a perfect way.

God created everything in a perfect way in order to correct our evil anti-conscience. This is a courageous attempt because our anti-conscience doesn’t want to stop being evil, violent, and immoral.

Since it can think by itself, it makes its own conclusions. The anti-conscience is idiotic, absurd, evil, and self-destructive, but it insists on being the way it is. It doesn’t want to learn anything new.

Since we inherit an anti-conscience and we are able to think, we have the same stubborn attitude. We don’t want to change.

Our tiny human conscience can be developed only when we obey God’s guidance and we do what helps us evolve.

Otherwise, we are victims of our anti-conscience, which generates terrible mental disorders within our conscience with the intention to eliminate our capacity to think logically and control our behavior.

Carl Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience, but he knew that craziness was inherited. He was afraid of the absurd content he found in the human psyche, and this is why he stopped his research at a certain point, accepting ignorance. He understood that it was very dangerous to keep looking for answers in a psyche where he could find craziness.

He was right for being afraid because the anti-conscience is a powerful demon. It generates so many unbearable symptoms (like blackouts, panic attacks, and hallucinations) that it manages to easily destroy our conscience.

In order to stop being tormented by these horrible symptoms we have to follow the guidance we have in our dreams.

We have in fact to prevent having these symptoms by eliminating our anti-conscience before it will manage to destroy a big portion of our conscience and become so powerful.

Now that we have this knowledge we will eliminate all mental illnesses. Satan will stop tormenting the human race and humanity will triumph.

We will discover how to live well and how to get prepared for our life after death.

Invincible mental illnesses, incurable diseases, poverty, crimes, wars, and all the horrors of the world will disappear.

Source by Christina Sponias


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