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What exactly do Virgo men like in a woman? The answer isn’t all that straightforward but once you understand what appeals to a man born under this astrological sign, you can capture his heart forever. The key to the Virgo man is his staunch need for honesty and to be desired for exactly who he is.

Virgo men like women who are smart and perceptive. They are incredibly sensitive men and as such are drawn to women who can handle that. If you are used to being with strong men who hide their emotions away from the world, you’ll likely have a challenge on your hands with a Virgo man. You have to be aware of what he is feeling because if he’s hurt he may withdraw inside himself and shut you out. Women who are hurt by this won’t fare well with a man born at this time of year.

You need to be understanding of his need to work. Virgo men are very driven and will often put their work responsibilities above everything else. This includes the woman they are with, so you should be prepared for last minute cancellations if you are dating one of these men and work becomes overwhelming for him. Virgo men like women who don’t cause waves when a work situation arises. So be prepared to be flexible according to his schedule.

A guy like this is fiercely loyal though and he needs the woman in his life to be as well. He’s also very attentive when it comes to the feelings of the woman he adores. If you are hurt by something he’s done you need only tell him and he’ll correct it and be empathetic and compassionate. Virgo men like women who express what they feel. They are turned off by women who hold their feelings in and let things fester.

Source by Gillian Reynolds


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