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Men are attracted to certain traits that women possess. So what are the traits that men find attractive in a woman? If you want to be attractive, it is important to know the traits that men find irresistible.

Femininity. One of the traits that men find attractive is being feminine. It is not enough to be called a woman, being feminine is important if you want to be attractive to the opposite sex. Femininity is also associated with nice looking appearance and pleasing behavior. Sensitivity, gentleness, empathy, compassion and kindness are some of the traits that are feminine. Men are drawn to women who are womanly in appearance. Someone with long beautiful hair, clear skin, proportionate body and knows how to groom herself properly. A feminine woman is more attractive than a woman who acts like a boy and does not know how to groom herself or act properly.

Spontaneity. Being spontaneous is one of the traits that men find attractive simply because men find women with this quality mysterious and interesting. Men are drawn to women who are not boring to be with.

Positive and happy attitude. A positive attitude is one of the best traits that men find attractive in a woman. Most people, including guys are avoiding people with negative attitude. Men are drawn to women with positive outlook because they can make any man feel good about themselves. Their positive aura is like a magnet that attracts men. A woman who looks at life with a positive and joyful attitude is a cool irresistible woman.

Caring. It is a common notion that men are tough, strong and capable of taking care of themselves but the truth is men are looking for a caring person who resembles their mothers. No man wants to be with a cold or insensible woman. Men are drawn to caring people.

Smart. It is not always true that men are intimidated by women who are smart and confident. Many men find smart women not only attractive but also undeniably sexy. Men are logical creatures and they love to analyze and use their brains. It is inspiring for them to meet a woman who can talk about intelligent topics. It can be very frustrating for men to spend time with a woman who cannot share anything intellectually. Of course, you do not have to flaunt your intelligence because that would be a big turn off for men. Modesty is a must if you are really smart.

Attracting men is a skill that can be learned. Anyone can be attractive. If you find yourself having difficulties attracting men, maybe it is about time to conduct an overall evaluation of yourself to know the attractive qualities you already have and identify the traits you need to enhance to make you more attractive.

Source by Gerry Restrivera


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