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***A blank slate, is an invitation to invite new people, places, circumstances and also to purge what no longer serves you! So with the new year comes even more reason to cheer! A new year is a new time, more that just the next digit at the end of the previous year on your calendar. The time has come now- a great time to see things as they truly are and not how others interfere with your way of perceiving success, or of your uniqueness to be acknowledged.

As we have all, by now, cleaned out our proverbial closets, cut chords and ties to lies and to things that bound us, it is now time to take that noose off of our own necks that we alone put there. How you ask did we place the noose on our own necks? Heck, this is only a one page article, If I was to delineate exactly how we placed a noose on our own neck, I’d be writing a novel for you: Not that I haven’t entertained the thought already! We have placed a noose on our neck by the habits that we have kept,or by the low energy of accepting people, places and events, in our everyday activities, instead of purging what and who no longer serves us.~

Purging is an emerging of sorts. It gives us the chance to remove, by the root, the cause of anger, anxiety, pain, or sheer disdain leaving room for something wonderful and new! By inviting who, or what is beneficial in our field of energy, or by doing feels more natural than listening and acting according to how others feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to stir the pot! Set forth efforts and intentions that serve you well, go on now, put into the world the best of yourself and your talents. Boot anything beneath you to the curb!

Warning! There may be a space of solace, a time to regroup, regenerate and refocus your life and to better align yourself to the themes of your dreams. Start with your daily habits, haunts, and regimes, change or amend was needs to be renewed or cleansed.

You may experience a brief time of no friends. Maybe for a brief intermission, focus on who and what has your best interests at heart. This may include family members too! If you have a relative or friend that always remembers hurtful or resentful moments and is only to eager hurt or offend by rehashing the past with dialogue. Those conversations are better left forgotten, more often then not- then my advise to you is to leave them alone for a while to stew in their own negative view. Switch the tables on them and let them repeat the same fables and stories to themselves, or any elves that may be stashed away from the holidays to keep them company in their hours of darkness and misery.

Misery loves company, so decide to leave misery and miserable people, places and events alone to their own devices. Miserable people will seek other miserable people to commiserate or REALLY TO COMPLAIN along with them.

Find a new set of people, places and events that have a higher vibration that the people, especially within your immediate circle, that are nicer to you and more understanding to your world view. The world is a beautiful place, once you step out of your comfort zone, you learn more about cultures, cities, people and places that you have not known before. More than just the next sequential digit from the last digit of the year before, a time to regroup and renew what makes your heart and your soul reignited with new life and firing up energy of renewal and new emotional and spiritual growth!

This year is amazing already, because it’s new and we all have a clean slate by where to process, plan, and begin a totally new outlook than we had before! The Slate is wiped Clean- A new year-No hanging onto last year’s misfits or misaligned efforts!

Happy New Year! I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!


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