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Dreams turn into reality and ideas come into fruition for more hardcore “aggressive” individuals or so the colloquialism goes. To which if I might be permitted to gently add: Nowadays they come in packs!

Which brings me up to scratch to ask a fair question: Are “humble” people in the minority these days? Don’t their dreams come into reality, their ideas into fruition? To answer such questions, allow me to start this essay with disgruntling you a bit, just a little bit, not more than that I assure you, to drive home my generalizing escapist viewpoints.

Being Old-Fashioned and Humble

The truth is, I never was, culturally, morally, socially, emotionally, an “assertive” or an “aggressive” youngster. I am comfortable thinking that it is for the ‘arrogant others’ to be like that, and not my kind of thing to hanker after these ugly beauties. Some people even find ways to internalize these vicious words within their overzealous materialistic mindsets in the fond hope of getting more successful in life and achieve, well, whatever is there to achieve, often burning up Earth resources.

I say chaps that the world has limited means and so being aggressive and all that clichéd bunkum which is woven around such behavioural attitude isn’t really the path of virtue, happiness, and harmony. Equally disturbing is the fact that Aggressive lots change the ballgame of success and achievement in such a way that it hurts others who are not so ‘aggressive’ or never have been or never want to. Aggressive lots are allowed their transgressions with impunity, for them the ends justify the means. Why isn’t all habituation of the people of this sort?

Being aggressive got to hurt every other people who are not. The world probably has more Humble people than the Aggressive ones have us believe, and it suffices to say that the world runs on the humble peoples’ load-taking abilities and not on Aggressive peoples’ hypocritical lip service. Humble people are considered necessary more than the Aggressive ones, in a world which is being increasingly stupefied by egoistical self-seekers and self-appraising globe-swallowers, they cannot be in the minority. That’s my take on the subject, come what may, humbleness, humility, modesty, gentleness, and shyness will be the only set of generous impulses I’ll always live by.

I am still not done with it, there’s more…

That apart, aggressive folks care less about being humble as they like scurrying after the kind of success they think others, especially the humble people, would be proud of and pat their shoulders in appreciation for having done a great job when they achieve something of value that they can show others and be proud of! Such is their modus operandi! On top of that, if they can get a promotion or a hike or conquer something of value that others don’t or can’t have quickly enough, it will be worth every trouble to trouble everyone to bag such forcefully acquired duplicitous accolades. In the bludgeoning quest to have ’em all for themselves, they forget to be human and that’s where the problem lies. Success doesn’t elude the Humble people; it gets hijacked by Aggressive brutes.

If you refer to them as strategic-thinkers, go-getters, overachievers they’d, Omigod, blush from one pinky ear to another by readily acknowledging even to your mock appreciation. Getting a kick out of making strong attempts to win their career-making battles often over other people’s emotional inconveniences, troubles, and nausea, is tantamount to sniffing around for the opiate of success and automatic influence of power over others, the crooked kind that people who are by nature humble always abhor and despise resolutely.

In any case, being “assertive” or “aggressive” was never considered gentle or humble for the way of life I used to lead and the family background I came from. Actually, I’d go so far as to say that these two words were, and still are, anathema; there’s almost an “anti-social” element tagged to it perpetuating which can likely spread the cancer of harassment, alarm, and distress to one or more persons or in the society at large. And Hark! That’s one of the reasons why I loathe Aggressive people who I had to put up with once upon a time in school. Although I have no problems with others who like being aggressive, I am very happy to be humbly “aggressive,” – if that sounds good enough a reason to explain why I despise aggressive people and still live to narrate this somewhat egotistical tale of mine. (I am likely inaccurate in my evaluation here, however, I can’t prove it otherwise).

Being Old-Fashioned Is the Only Way to Sustain Life on Earth

I am happy to be to some degree an old-fashioned bhadrolok (Bengali for decent one), too delicately subtle and passive to a fault that even squashing a bug or a mosquito by mistake might have that terrible ring of misappropriation of one’s inherited virtues writ all over it; consequently, becoming needlessly aggressive and domineering is nothing short of being Satanic and that, as I say see it, is poisonous enough to asphyxiate my way of infinitely sweet Brahmanic existence: the Hindu highway of life of my beaming, gleaming, and shining India.

Most of all, I am used to believing that being spiritlessly domineering and tactlessly aggressive to achieve something great (or not so great) in life is not in God’s glory, it cannot be, and I still have that belief system, that conviction, proudly intact. What’s more, being aggressive is like an overshot tumor which spreads quickly in our society and I was one of those mute witnesses to that thing happening during my growing up years in the wonderful Allwell parkland. As things stand now, I still am freely detached from the idea of being aggressive and all that horrific tosh being bandied about these days that one can achieve something great in life only by being aggressive and not by being humble, is all over the place. It’s a pity really. Too bad.

That’s so wrong and erroneous thinking on the part of those individuals who cannot ward off these scary phantoms out of their lives, their dreams, and their part of confusing realities. I recommend they should look themselves in the mirror that looks back at you and try and think positively about life and what you desire from it. So ask yourself this question: Why does one have to inculcate oneself with an aggressiveness trait to make your dreams come true? You don’t have to. Give Humble and its lovely humility gene a chance and see what it entails. Being humble it’s on the Mother Nature’s side, whereas Aggressive isn’t as it destroys than it likes to preserve. Being old-fashioned is the only way to sustain life on Earth.

As Paul Auster says so beautifully in one of his books “Good begets good; evil begets evil; and even if the good you give is met by evil, you have no choice but to go on giving better than you get.” Therefore, the good in our lives always begets good. So be humble, always.

So What Do You Want To Become?

If all that you need to become in life is an Engineer or a Doctor or for that matter a Milkman or a Choir Singer or an Air Traffic Controller, you don’t need to be aggressive at all, rather you need to read your lessons with love and care – and this is increasingly essential now: unconditionally love your parents for having given you birth in the first place – towards achieving your career goals and that’s enough stack of virtues you can peruse to see you through any ordeals that your life tosses at you. Likewise, it also matters whether you end up being “aggressive” or “humble” or both or whatever worldly manmade s**t is latched onto you in the process! You’ve got to remember one thing that Aggressive is a vice, Humble is a virtue. Choose your stuff wisely.

Ostensibly, this line of encouraging albeit – I come clean on this – self-satisfied thinking has afforded me a wonderful consolation like no other thing could in my life; except pursuing an Arts degree: English Literature, precisely. It had brought me much-needed gifts like “control” and “tact” and some creative juices of “emotional steadfastness” in its wake. And lest I forget mentioning the gorgeous memory of the saucy girl I was so crazy about in my school.

Golden memories instill a strong sense of nostalgia in you so much so that you become eternally thankful for the kind of contemplative life you lead and that such unforgettable calming recollections go on to shape your future, promising to be never anything out of ordinary that you cannot handle or deal with. Memories, especially of the vintage kind, and it don’t matter whether they are sweet or bittersweet, flattering or dismaying, have that innate magical power to see you through in life.

Literature and Love, Closely Together

I believe Literature and Love go hand in hand. In many ways, you cannot learn the former and reject the latter or vice versa, and in my case, I really can’t tell one from the other: that’s how much I love Literature and Love. Moreover, at one point in my life, these things were inseparable to the point of being overly obsessive about them, so the idea of doing Engineering was relegated to the back bench even as Medicine seemed undoable.

I love Literature and I love Love. If Love initiates you into Literature, Literature also has an ingenious agency that secretly works to escort you headlong into love. Think about the canonical greats of the past millennium like Tagore, Keats, and Tennyson and you’ll appreciate what I mean. I am homing in on to that gushy little topic shortly. Or should I? I leave it to your good offices to decide. Hehe.

‘Aggressive’ or ‘Humble,’ What Is Your Poison?

Aggressive people have their hypothalamic, neurological roots steep dipped in some kind of psychopathic speculative chemistry that ill behoves this species to think poorly of others who are not that aggressive, whereas Humble people are often underappreciated, soft power and all, stay calm, and very down-to-earth polite society sweethearts. This specific species happens to be so warmly pleased with the empathy trait in them that they don’t really buy the argument that dreams come true only for those who take pride in their symptomatically aggressive behaviour.

That may be true, but the biological approach to explaining this is that aggressive people always like to subsist on negative traits to prove themselves positive and go-getters – as if their only objective in life is to try and hit the proverbial bull’s-eye while also consciously ready to suffer from some kind of ‘Mission Accomplished’ syndrome. Getting to be the sole winner or be a smash hit among their peers is one of their defective habits.

All of these sardonic weaknesses and shortcomings give way to upsetting troubles, nuisance-giri, chamcha-giri and a turgid sense of botheration that never lets less aggressive people be at peace with themselves. Besides, they like making a lot of noise, often empty ones to make their presence felt among their network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances or wherever there are humans to thank them for being the masters of the universe!

A small contention: I am often, mistakenly whatsoever, caricatured as an angry young man. Angry at aggressive people for ignoring humankind’s devastation of the mother earth and irate at humble people for their smug feeling of moral superiority despite choosing to focus on an ethic that preserves what is still good on Earth and doing next to nothing to curtail so much ‘aggression’ going on unattended in our human society. It is in this spirit I am given to safely generalize things up. So here is another one such affliction that conveys a real sense of the person I am. Being humble is my ‘poison’ and being aggressive isn’t my cup of tea. Don’t take it to heart, opinions defer and they have to.

People who dislike being aggressive or are allergic to being assertive are found to be humble and gentle by nature. Period. Such virtuously grownups are the Humble people that they smile upon the Aggressive people who are clearly unfortunate to understand their unsung defeats and peaceful ignominy of the lesser mortals, namely the compassionate Humble genus.

It is assumed that Aggressive people have the permanent kind of ticket, a sly upper hand, to name and fame game, but at the expense of Mother Nature, our Earth. Ask them how; they might not be aware of it at all. They care less about such things. They don’t know how spoiled they are by being attached to their sense of entitlement no matter what the cost of such a bad liking on their part. They think they are entitled to something of a ‘Starbucks quality’ that gets them their usual less-work-more-perks/advantages “toffee nut latte frappuccinos” without much ado, not to speak of their goofy behind-your-back insider-trading tactics that quite often serve to professionally elevate them to higher managerial ranks, while the humble lots, load up their backs like the Donkeys prone to hand-eating their way to an offensive plate of watery dal on stored overnight mound of rice (with notional leftover of sambar, if any) turning nicely in their stomach, get nothing! That’s not my opinion or a self-fulfilling prophecy, it is a fact.

However, humble people affirm, albeit amiably, always politely, that aggressive people are always thrilled to suffer from the difficulty of being good and their moral inadequacy directly serves to kill the peace and tranquility especially in the social and occupational situations they operate in. So, understandably, humble people grate on the nerves of the Aggressive lots who they wrongly think are automatically derisory of being ‘practical’ in life. How convenient of these aggressive manipulative lots for their wanton misunderstandings that they are more ‘practical’ than what the Humble people are given to profess about! Read ‘practical’ as ‘covert aggression,’ nothing else.

Plus, the Aggressive folks (mostly in sheep’s clothing) know how to defend their turf, their interests at the expense of others (read humble people), regularly indulging in their endless deliberate head games. All things considered, it is quite fair to allege that Aggressive people rejoice in calling out “Hum Naheen Sudrengeh!” and continue to have their brand of fun.

Wrapping Up

I acknowledge that there are billions of “Aggressive” and “Humble” people in the world so their thoughts on this matter would be different. Mine is clearly stated here in this blog for all eyes to see.

Are Aggressive people more successful than the non-assertive Humble people? The question remains, understandably, unanswered. But to hazard a quick guess: when the push comes to shove, remember that there’ll be push-back, and it is a no-brainer that your energies will be wasted in any needless conflicts between the two apparent, shall I say, stalwarts – it’s a gambit of individual inclinations, either you become “aggressive” or “humble” depends upon so many teeming factors and variables that will decide who you are and what are you going to be ultimately. That’s part of the reason why I’ve totally abandoned the scary phantoms of my humble dreams and I am glad to report that I did it effectively. Come what may, I remain humble, without distressing myself too much in the face of aggression or whatever that might be. It pays to be humble and when it is in your nature, things cannot or have no right to turn out badly for you.

Suffice to say that Humble people are born favourites, they are loved by all. Aggressive people aren’t half as fortunate as their counterparts, for they get branded as social pariahs that even Humble people accept no excuses to categorically reject these pushover personalities. Am I still generalizing? Yes, no, maybe, but the truth is always bitter in taste and it stings the mouths of those ones like a thousand jealous needles; the people who’d like to get more darn specific about the darn subject of overcoming darn bullies at work or at school. Somebody said that the best way to avenge yourself is to not be like that. So true.

And would you have come this far reading this article if you could tell the difference between Humble and Aggressive people? I rather think you wouldn’t. However, for posterity’s sake, I’d say to each his own his morsel of food for thought. I leave it at that.

Stay humble in your life and happy dreaming. So long.

Source by Arindam Moulick


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