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Pennyworth is a floating stem plant which will thrive in most conditions, able to take a wide range of lighting. It is native to Southern Mexico and is sometimes also called Brazilian Water Ivy.

Pennyworth is quite a small plant, but the size that it will grow to in your aquarium is dependent on the amount of lighting and nutrients that it receives. This floating stem plant has a particular love of nitrogen and many people may found that it grows very fast if their water is slightly hard. Low light conditions of around 1.5 watts per gallon of water are all that are needed for the plant to grow well, though it can grow up to a length of twenty four inches under much higher lighting. It is important to keep in mind that under the right conditions, growth can threaten to take over the aquarium.

Pennywort is a good choice for beginners because it is more difficult than a lot of other plants to get conditions wrong. Being adaptable to a wide range of lighting is very beneficial as this is regarded by many as being the hardest aspect of keeping plants, outside of changes to water chemistry. Although growth will be slower on poor lighting and leaves will not form as well with low levels of nitrogen, it is relatively undemanding on the keeper. The width of Pennywort is between two to six inches and is based on leaf growth.

If you need an easily kept plant for your aquarium, particularly if you are new to keeping plants, this is a nice contender for space. It is possible to plant Pennywort in the substrate, where it serves well as either a middle or foreground plant. Planting in an aquarium offers a range of benefits to the fish and should take a lot of pressure of you as the keeper, by improving feeding options and aeration among other aspects of the aquarium.

With the ability to grow well under a range of lighting conditions and also offering the choice of either a floating or planted variety to you, Pennywort is worth some consideration. With all easily kept aquarium plants if you are not vigilant you may find it grows too well: be prepared to do some occasional pruning to keep it in check. Pennywort is likely to be particularly valuable to you if you are new to planting or are worried about providing the right level of light to your plants.

Source by Sean Norman


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