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The Capricorn man is very dignified and polite, almost painfully so. When you first meet him, he may seem as if he is an iceberg. While he can seem unapproachable, he’ll open up if you do most of the talking and turn on the charm. His aloofness is a self-protective measure to help him avoid the pain of the world. He’ll take his time getting to know you, but letting him is well worth it. Capricorns are very warm and caring people and once they relax enough to let you see their true selves, you’ll at least have a dependable friend.

Capricorns have strong opinions and they are not shy about letting those opinions be known. However, they are not vain people and they will happily listen to someone else’s opinion about a subject. These men try to avoid the limelight, preferring instead to work behind the scenes. They want respect and honor, but not fame. They respect authority and are very traditional. These are the men who hold open doors for women and pay for dinner. These men are fearless in the pursuit of an aim and try their best to make sure they reach their goal, whether it is a woman’s heart or a business venture.

Hardworking, Capricorn men are very good at organizing every detail of their lives. They are cautious and realistic, taking risks only when they need to and after they have calculated every possible outcome. They long for security and a happy home and with a strong sense of duty, loyalty and a hidden romantic side, they make excellent lovers. Capricorns want the best out of life and so they want the best woman, the best house, the best car and so on. They will work to make sure they get it, because they don’t want to settle for just anything. These men are good family men who provide well thanks to their practical natures.

Source by Annie Sherwood


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