The Left Insists That Anyone Who Does Not Agree Must Be A Racist


News Flash: Just because someone disagrees with your faulty logic, failed programs or socialist agenda, doesn’t make them a racist.

The reality is that much of the left’s name-calling is in complete hypocrisy. You see, under the Democrat leadership under Barack Obama, the former community protest organizer and now president, has set race-relations back generations due to race-baiting and purporting victimhood for anyone other than white. That may help get votes but it does a terrible disservice to a nation which is supposed to be all-inclusive and was on its way to finally realizing that strategic goal. America does not need more of the same from these current trends of divisiveness, nor does the name-calling foster a positive future towards our goals – America needs a change, not a continuation of a political dynasty, intent on the ultimate power and going global.

The United States of America is a great nation, regardless of what the left might have you believe. Recently, a Canadian Voter told me that America used to be great, but it isn’t anymore. He said we were “not greater than many other nations in innovation, academics, or anything else, and that Walter Cronkite would roll over in his grave if he saw how ridiculous right-wing brainwashing media was today.” Well, I am sorry I disagree, please don’t call me a racist.

Since I so vehemently disagree, let me explain; This is the greatest nation in the world and we can make it better, as a last year baby-boomer, I’ve seen it all, and hardly appreciate the “apologetic approach” to diplomacy and denial of our hard fought gains on every front, in every industry and nearly every arena of science. To deny that the USA isn’t the greatest nation, again, it’s just denial of observation, something that the politically correct of the world and even our own academia, and half our population has keenly mastered.

Whereas Walter Cronkite might be turning over his grave but the Canadian’s own Marshall McLuhan would be laughing in his having fully understood and predicted the mass-medias pull on the human mind. Today the Clinton News Network (CNN) and MSNBC have done well in hiring the spouses of Washington DC leftist politicians and insiders and their commentary isn’t much different than RT, ripping into their opposition at every turn. We cannot believe anything in our media, nor can we trust the segments on Al Jazeera or the BBC both with obvious slant, even NPR is problematic with their choice of topics and interviewed guests with pre-ordained leftist bias. Sure FOX News, is clearly bias, so what? It’s just a mere polar opposite, just as in physics, what can one expect?


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