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As there are evil people in this world, so are there the good guys. The good guys are there to extend their helping hand at all times and play no tricks. But there can be bad guys as well in disguise of good guys. How can you differentiate between the two? Read on for finding answers.

Good guys usually don’t show off. But if you can befriend them, they can come to great benefit. They usually have knowledge in varying fields and you can share your expertise with each other. You can even go for writing scholar papers together or doing a joint venture of writing a book, for instance. They have great ideas which they can share with you. If you need help with computer programming, these guys if in those fields, can hone your skills greatly. They are usually masters at keeping your children busy while you do your own stuff, such as cooking. In the end your family and the good guy can have a great meal together.

Show your appreciation for these guys and reward them from time to time although these guys would expect nothing from you in return. Once in a blue moon, if they need some favor, do not be selfish but give it a shot and help them. That is how the friendship bond is strengthened. When they can’t offer you help in something, they are being truly honest; so don’t misunderstand them and look for help elsewhere. Yes, that’s right no misunderstandings, please.

How about the evil guys in disguise of good guys? They will play around with you and show you that they adore you. For some time, you will be completely under their spell but they will be misguiding you all the time purposefully. If you are married, avoid these guys by all means. If you are single, test them out if they are truly honest about their deeds and actions. Do not fall under their spell for too long; come back to your senses and stop playing with them. After all, you needed some help and if they never offered it, or are fooling around, gradually reject them from your life. Do not get yourself into trouble for getting pleasure and intimacy from these guys. As I said, they are just guys in disguise of good people.

Where do you find the good guys? Starting from work, neighborhood, volunteering teams in the community, friends’ parties, they are everywhere. But it is up to you to identify them.

It great to have guy friends at your side. Mostly those from work or your high school/university friends whom you know well till date will likely stick and prove out to be the good guys.

If you have a hubby, introduce your good guy friends to him. You should have no misunderstandings with your hubby in this respect. Keep the path clear. In fact, your own hubby could be a great guy friend as well, helping you with the household chores, and if you two are in the same field of expertise, the benefits are bountiful. In case you are not, your hubby is still a great asset to befriend.

In case you are single, and you have several good guy friends, you may choose one of them to be your soul mate. Rely on your intuition and gut instinct for that. Of course, emotion is a vital factor that will play along all the time but the former are your best guides.

I hope I have been able to pour meaningful insights into your choice of befriending good guys. What I have mentioned works all the time. So go ahead and start bonding some great friendships with the good guys around you.


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