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The Impact of Sound Decision-Making on Your Life



Decision is a powerful force. In a fraction of a second, the world as you know it, your whole life, can be changed. This can be an incredibly heavy thought to bear as it comes with a great deal of responsibility, but even as the truth can shock you at times; it can also amaze you with possibilities. Whether you do something or do not do something, the fact remains that you have made a decision. The decision to do nothing is, nevertheless, still a decision. Think about your job for a moment. Why are you there? It pays the bills? Well, think about it. You are there, because you choose to be there. Maybe you are there, because you really like your job. Or maybe you are there, because you have not made the decision to leave or you have not decided what else you want from life. However, you are there, because you choose to be there. If you are unhappy with your job, I am not suggesting that you quit without a plan. I am merely stating that if you are unhappy with your current circumstances, you have the capacity to make changes. If you are suppressing some greater desire or higher calling, it is because you choose to do so. You might be able to justify where you are in life a hundred different ways, but the truth is that you are where you are because of the choices that you have made and are currently making.

Our success in life, our level of fulfillment, is ruled by our ability to make sound decisions and make them quickly. Many of us think that we are not good decision makers, but you might just be out of practice. The overwhelming majority of people actually just goes with the flow and is carried away by the stream wherever it takes them. Unless you exercise your true decision-making muscle, it will go soft on you. It takes a strong will, determination, and a belief in yourself, but you must make the decisions that will put you on the right track, for you and not anyone else.

Decision-making is something we have to develop on our own. As important as decision-making is in our lives, sadly it is not often taught in school. Of course, learning math, science, history, culture, and other subjects is of substantive value, but if you don’t learn how to make decisions, where will you go in life? If you do know how to make sound decisions, your knowledge of other subjects can be put to greater use.

Making decisions with confidence is also of critical importance. Becoming a confident and effective decision maker is one of the surest ways of reaching your goals. However, you have to stick to your decisions. You have to be willing to see them through. You must also be aware of your surroundings and be able to process that feedback from your environment, which will keep you on course. Making adjustments will be necessary, but when you are prepared, informed and confident from the outset, your decisions will be based on a solid foundation. Your success in life ultimately boils down to your ability to make decisions and stand by them.

You will also follow a straighter and more direct course if you are an efficient decision maker, with fewer bumps and unnecessary detours along the way. When you find yourself making confident decisions, you will at once find yourself a confident person. When it comes to decisions, winners make them fast, while losers make them slowly. You have to build your decision-making muscle, and it takes time to develop, but the payoff is well worth the effort. Each and every day we are faced with decisions. What to do and what not to do? What to say or what not to say? Where to go or not to go? What to buy or not to buy? Should I quit or should I stay? You name it. You are making decisions all day, every day, of varying magnitude. Some might be more aware of this than others. Some of you might not be aware of this at all, as some decisions become automatic, preprogrammed. The more certain you are, the better. However, before you can make these decisions, you have to know what you want.

The problem is that too many people don’t know what they want. The result is indecision. Think about it. How can you possibly make a decision when you truly don’t know what you want? Have you ever found yourself agonizing over a decision? In all likelihood, that was because deep down, you did not know what you wanted. You couldn’t make up your mind, because, well, you didn’t know the answer. You were genuinely conflicted. When you have defined what you want and when your vision is clear, your decisions will be informed. You will be quick, and, most importantly, you will be right.

When you have taken the time to zero-in on what you want out of life, every decision you make, large or small, will be geared toward helping you achieve your goals. If you have not created a clear image in your mind of what you want, you will find yourself incapable of making quick and informed decisions. Or worse, you will make uninformed decisions that, unbeknownst to you at the time, will have negative repercussions that won’t be realized until much further down the road. You might have difficulty recovering from these decisions, as they will take you in a direction that requires more time and effort to get you back on track.

Now there are things that can be gained in life from making mistakes, and I can assure you that we all make them and will continue to make more of them as we go. I am not talking about a fear of making an unrecoverable mistake. First, you can always recover, and you will be richer for the experience. However, also realize that I am pointing out that if you are not aware of what you want, you will find yourself roaming around aimlessly. Not knowing what you want, or being under the impression that wanting anything at all is being unrealistic, will greatly increase your chances of failure. Circumstances can make you indecisive. You might actually find yourself so overwhelmed that you have effectively rendered yourself incapable of making the decisions that, if made properly, would enhance your life greatly. Do not become a victim of such thinking. Envision, plan, and take action.


Source by Jan Peter Aursnes


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