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A babydoll is a piece of lingerie that is quite popular with the younger generation. It is a short nightgown or negligee that is usually worn to bed. Babybolls are decorated in many different decorations was, including but not limited to lace, faux fur, ruffles, bows and ribbons. Most babydolls hang off of the shoulder by spaghetti straps. The babydoll mainly comes in chiffon, silk or nylon and is usually sheer or see-through. The babydoll got it’s name from the length of the hemline, which comes about six inches above the knees, which is similar to a mini-dress.

The babydoll was made popular from a movie titled Baby Doll. The movie came out in 1956, Carroll Baker played, a sexy 19-year-old virgin. The style of nightgown she wore in the movie was soon a “must have” for everyone. It may also be traced to the 1930s and 1940s, at that time short bed-jackets trimmed with lace, as well as an array of bed-capes, were worn by women.

Later, the babydoll was transformed into a short dress that could be worn during the day. It was at this time that it became quite popular among the younger generation because the style made people think of youthfulness and innocence. This new style of babydoll soon became a popular addition to the bedroom, as well. Some of the styles are similar to those worn by dolls, where the buttocks could easily be seen, leading to an enhancement in sexual play. Some babydolls that open in the front and are similar to a robe.

Now, the babydoll is considered a popular form of lingerie, helping to create fantasies. The short length of the hem makes legs appear to be longer. For those who do not wish to be completely exposed on the bottom part of their body, the gown is accompanied by a set of matching panties. If you are not aiming for a sexual presentation, the babydoll is also a short nightgown, which comes in a variety of elegant styles.

Babydoll’s are found in lingerie boutiques. Some boutiques have some of the styles hailing from the 1960s and 1970s, within its own department. Baby doll nighties that date back to the 1950s to the early 1980s are considered now as valuable collectibles. Another movie has made the babydoll popular, since the 1956 Baby Doll flick, . The babydoll worn by the “Fembot” in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and is made of marabou, a type of silk . It is a marabou bralette with a pleated chiffon skirt and a marabou hemline.

Source by Lisa Page


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