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There are universal laws that govern our world, regardless of what we think of them and of our (dis)belief in them. The easiest one every person can relate to is the Law of Gravity, simply stating the “what goes up, must come down”. Another one is the First Law of Thermodynamics, stating that energy can be transformed, but can never be destroyed or created. A third one that’s fairly common is the Second Law of Thermodynamics (also known as the Law of Energy Decay), which states that -ultimately- everything that is created will deteriorate; move from a state of order to a state of disorder.

In the words of Wallace Wattles (The Science of Getting Rich): “You can act in accordance with these laws, or you can disregard them, but you can in no way alter them. The laws forever operate and hold you to strict accountability, and there is not the slightest allowance for ignorance… Once a person learns and obeys these laws, he will get rich with mathematical certainty.”

All these laws fall under the one overarching Law: “Energy is”. We are ultimately all particles of energy, more specifically light.

In a way, this makes life fairly easy to understand. As long as we acknowledge the existence of these laws, and don’t work against them, life unfolds naturally. I’ve written about most of the natural laws in other articles.

All our four major life areas are under the influence of these laws as well. These areas are:

* Mental

* Emotional

* Physical

* Spiritual

You can liken these areas in life as four interconnecting circles, that ultimately all overlap in the middle. A balanced life, a life in which “you can have it all”, comes together exactly in the middle, where mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practice all link together.

There is a two-pronged approach to your personal and professional life: first of all there is the overarching influence of the Natural Laws on your decisions and movements; the Law of Attraction being the most important Law to take into account. On top of these Laws, there are the four areas of life to be aware of.

I know this may seem complicated; just know that you’re already living under these “rules”, and you’re probably already making deliberate use of them as well, without even knowing you are.

This overview is not meant to explain and work through the workings of the Universal Laws. The purpose here, is to show you that your values and actions ideally are spread over each of the four major life areas, in order to live a personal and professionally successful and balanced life. That’s a pleonasm, in my opinion, as a successful life IS a balanced life!

Obviously, there are more areas in life to focus on, but the four ones mentioned summarise the core basics. Everything we do in life has 1) a purpose -the Spiritual, 2) a reason -the Mental, 3) a feeling attached to it -the Emotional, and requires (non-)action -the Physical.

More often than not, people focus on one or two of the areas, thereby neglecting the other areas in life. For instance, a person focused on business success may focus intently on the mental and physical: coming up with a sound plan, and putting it into action. That COULD leave this person out of touch with purpose (spirituality; ethics) and with the emotional consequences of this (no regard for self or others). Another example: someone may focus with gusto on spiritual and emotional growth. That may leave them oblivious to “common sense” (mental) and physical health. Both examples may seem to have success in the areas focused on, but there will be a price to pay on the neglected areas.

To live a balanced and fulfilled (and therefore an effective) life, aim to integrate all four areas in YOUR life.

  1. Spiritual: primarily focus on the reason, the purpose, of your intent. WHY is it you are contemplating what you are contemplating? What value will it serve? What is the higher reasoning behind it all? If you can find a positive intent/purpose behind everything you do, you will have endless motivation to get the result. No-one needs to motivate me to write articles. I WANT to do it, because it is in line with my purpose: inspiring people towards a more fulfilling and happy future.
  2. Mental: spend plenty of time on planning your intent. WHAT is it you want to achieve that is in line with your purpose. Come up with a plan of action. Consider pros and cons, cause and effect relationships. Talk it through with people, do research on it, eliminate or minimise risk, maximise gain. Etc. etc. Use your (left) brain to work things out in advance.
  3. Emotional: what is the feeling you are after? What emotional state are you aiming for? What is the pay-off of your intent? How would you like to be feeling after your plans have been put into effect? Think about and FEEL the state you want to achieve in advance as well; this will ignite powerful forces that will assist you in achieving your desired feeling.
  4. Physical: What is the plan? HOW are you going to get things done? What resources will you use, what time frame are you going to stick to? What are you starting on first off? How much energy is needed? How much recovery time? How will your body cope? Can you handle it? Do you need to toughen up or get fitter? What are the 3-dimensional, physical requirements, and what is step 1?

If you can constantly keep an eye on all four elements, you will power through whatever it is you had intended. It will also serve as an accountability scheme, and will alert you by “lights coming on on the dashboard” when one element gets too much or too little attention. You will notice it!

Both my personal and professional lives started spiralling upwards once I focused on keeping all four plates up in the air, rather than leaning towards one or two of them primarily. The power of a balanced life and perspective is greater than you can probably imagine.

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating!

Source by Marc De Bruin


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