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The term critical mass is borrowed from nuclear physics where it refers to the amount of a substance needed to start a chain reaction. Once the chain reaction is established it becomes self-perpetuating growing in proportion to the energy contained within its expansion. In social terms, this same critical mass is achieved when a sufficient number of people are willing to accept a new and innovative way of thinking so that the rate of social change becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth of new ideas and values.

In personal terms critical mass is achieved when we have invested sufficient time and energy into our own development through our Reiki practice or other spiritual disciplines we begin to experience a change in our sphere of perception. Our commitment to change becomes less labored as we begin to experience incremental improvements that create a momentum of their own. With this freeing up of movement comes an easing of rigid thought processes, and a willingness to think outside of the box we have allowed ourselves to be confined to. Each step forward no matter how small takes us inexorably closer to the point in time when we reach our own critical mass of personal transformation. This personal transformation is part of a much bigger picture as it plays its part in the evolution of human consciousness on a global scale. We are all part of the collective consciousness and as such personal development is never conducted in isolation, no matter how alone you may feel.

On a planet that is home to approximately eight billion people, we are quickly reaching the point where a complete social, political, religious, and environmental makeover is desperately needed. Regardless of your personal beliefs in the origins of mankind and the length of time, we have inhabited this planet the fact that we have lasted so long without totally self-destructing is nothing short of a miracle, or the old ways with all of their inherent faults, got something right. Unfortunately, if we use the past as a template for the future we are guaranteed to repeat our past mistakes instead of learning from them, and while the old order may provide us with a degree of comfort and nostalgia it’s no longer stable enough to build a future upon. It’s been estimated by some teachers and new age thinkers, that the critical mass of the global population is less than one percent which when reached, will trigger a chain reaction of growing personal and collective awareness. Once established, like any chain reaction it will become self-perpetuating growing in proportion to the mass of new knowledge and understanding that becomes available. While the figures required to reach this point of critical mass can be argued and debated, what is beyond question or doubt is the old ways no longer work and we are quickly running out of time to come up with a viable solution to these problems.

A new order, a new way of thinking, a new set of life-affirming beliefs and values are necessary to ensure our continued existence on this planet and each and every one of us must play our part in bringing this about. We no longer have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it for us. The clock is ticking. We can wait for the inevitable conclusion to the way life is headed, or we can contribute in our own way no matter how small, in the investment of our future, and of generations to come.

History if it still exists will judge us accordingly. Our evolution as a species has brought us to a crossroad and we must choose individually and collectively if we wish to stay on a path that will lead to an inevitable conclusion, or choose a route less traveled that requires us to break new ground and old beliefs in equal measure. Those who ask ‘but what can I do’ fail to understand the power of their contribution, no matter how small or insignificant it may appear. Every revolutionary though began as a seed of an idea in the mind of a single person. The challenge before mankind is monumental but a journey no matter how great is never accomplished in giant leaps and bounds, rather it’s the repetition of small often wavering footsteps, which delivers us to our final destination. Each one of us has the power to make a difference in life whether we realize it or not but to do so we must first change the way in which we think. Thoughts are the parents to our beliefs and actions, change the nature and quality of our thoughts and we begin to create a new reality that has no option than to manifest in our lives. We are part of collective consciousness and as such we are never as isolated as we may think, and when we find the courage within ourselves to step up and accept a personal responsibility to make a difference and move us inexorably closer to that critical point, we empower others to do the same and the imbalance is redressed.

No one can know for sure if the figure of less than one percent of the total population of the planet will be the tipping point that allows the critical mass to be realized. What is certain and beyond any doubt is it exists, it awaits our arrival and a single positive thought, a life-affirming belief or action motivated by love and compassion instead of ignorance and fear must one day deliver us to that pivotal place of enlightenment, knowledge, and understanding. A single-step moves us ever forward; a single grain of sand can tip the scales in our favor and a single thought, belief or action has the power to transform lives beyond all recognition and who is to say you can’t be the one to do it.

Source by Phillip Hawkins


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