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With so many different activities available nowadays, it is difficult to pick out which ones are worth signing your child into. As a dance instructor myself, I am constantly competing with other childhood commitments such as netball, tennis, gymnastics and tennis, but as a parent, how do you know which activity will suit your child the best?

I may be slightly biased, but there are many benefits to enrolling your child into formal dance training.

Before you decide which activity to let your child partake in, you have to assess your child’s likes, dislikes and his or her personality. Dancing is a very disciplined art form, and if your child is a free spirit, he or she may battle with the rigidity of ballet. A hip hop class may be a more suitable choice. Or maybe something like swimming or tennis would suit them better. Your child obviously has to enjoy the activities that he or she chooses, or there will be no interest or effort put in and the time and monetary layout will be wasted.

Formal dance training is highly beneficial as a form of exercise for fitness, as well as the development of muscle control and coordination. In the child’s early developmental years, this is essential. A few years of good ballet training will set you apart and help you in all aspects of your balance and control, strength and overall fitness.

Dancing also adds that poise, posture and grace that you won’t get from partaking in any other form of sport. You can always see the dancers, as they seem to stand taller and look more confident in the crowd. Formal dance training will teach you to stand tall, improve your core strength and correct faulty posture before it becomes a problem. Dancing makes you more aware of your own body and you learn what you are capable of and what type of movement is not good for your body.

If you have formal ballet training you will be able to learn any of the other dance forms with ease. Ballet gives you that basic grounding and good technique that will serve you well whether you want to do modern jazz or even ballroom and Latin American dancing. The world will be your oyster, as you will be able to adapt easily to whatever type of dancing you really want to do.

Aside from all the benefits that one gains from formal dance training, it is also loads of fun. I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t enjoy being a princess, fairy or king for a day, or one that doesn’t love visiting magical kingdoms of make believe that dancing can transport you to.

Source by Michel Maling


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