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Since the United States was founded there has been an ongoing debate about citizenship & civic responsibility. Our founding fathers gave us the right to argue the point when they drafted the constitution and the bill of rights. It is have been our privilege since this nation was founded and new potential citizens began arriving to the U. S. Through the doors of Ellis Island.

A large debate today, for example, is immigration. But we should be reminded that the majority of our heritage is from those who walked through Ellis Island and were immigrants themselves. Many still strive to become naturalized citizens so they can join in on the debate.

Immigration laws clearly state that in order to become a citizen of the United States you must go through the process of naturalization. This will help you in defining the laws of the country and the foundation of their beliefs. In order to join something you need to know what it is all about to be confident you want to be a part of it and that is what naturalization does.

The information a person learns is based on the Bill of Rights. For the naturalized citizen they will delve into American’s history and learn those rights to be aware that not only they will receive them but every America citizen has the right to. With these rights comes responsibilities. We are required to pay taxes, vote for our leaders and serve jury duty. These are just a few of our responsibilities as an American citizen.

The amendment to the bill of rights gives us additional support and protection. The fifth amendment, for example, gives us due process rights. We cannot be thrown in jail for no reason and left there to rot forever. We have the right to face our accuser as well and are protected by all of these rights.

We may not like it at times, but like those before us like Max Factor, Cary Grant and the legendary Bob Hope, they chose America for a better life. As their predecessors we have the responsibility to hold onto our rights and fight for our responsibilities. This task makes each of us a vital part of keeping America what it is today, standing up for injustice and choosing a better life for not only ourselves but for others.

Source by Charlie Bentson King


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