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Beer Pong does not have an officiating body; there are no standard rules to the game. The objective of the game is the same but there are variations on them. Since beer pong is played mainly by college students, the rules vary from college to college.

In order to play beer pong you will need a table, a ping pong ball (always good to have few handy), glasses, the players (two teams) and the beer.

The teams can consist of two players which is the traditional number, but more players can be added. The glasses are stacked in a triangular formation like pool balls before a break. The bottom most layers have 4 glasses, the next three and so on. The glasses are half filled with beer and the teams square off at opposite sides of the table.

The objective of the game is to get the other team to drink all the glasses of beer. The team that manages to do that wins. The players from one team try to land the ping pong balls in the glasses on the opposite side of the table. If the ball lands in the glass, the players from the opposing team have to drink that glass of beer.

Here are the basic Rules of Beer Pong:

1. The rules are pretty simple. The two teams stand on opposite sides of the table with the glasses laid out on the table. The first team to throw is decided by the toss of a coin or Rock-Paper-Scissors. The team that makes the right call decides on whether to throw first or not.

2. The ping pong ball can be thrown directly into the glass or at a bounce. If the ball lands directly into the glass then a person from other team has to drink that glass of beer. If the ball lands in a glass on the bounce then the opposing team needs to drink the glass that the ball landed in as well as another glass of beer. The team that drinks the beer can decide on which glasses of beer to drink from and maximize their advantage.

3. It might seem that the game will end faster if the ball is bounced and lands in a glass, causing the other team to drink two glasses, but there is a catch! Once the ball bounces it can be swatted away. The other team can hit the ball away but there is a chance that you may hit the glasses. Hitting the glasses is a sign of drunkenness or dishonor. In such a case the player gets another shot.

These are the basic rules of beer pong. There are many more rules that can be added to make the game interesting.

Source by Jeremy V Roberts


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