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It is vital to get plenty of water every single day. Your health depends on it, literally. Without water, humans could not survive; nor could the trees, plants, animals, and all other living organisms on Earth. When it comes to water, there is nothing more important than ensuring that your bogy gets enough on a daily basis.

Drinking Water

All you have to do to start drinking more water is to drink when thirsty and with every meal. From there, any additional water consumption is a bonus! Most water comes from our beverages, like coffee, tea, and lemonade. However, some of your food sources contain water too, such as tomatoes, melons, celery, and broth-based soups. Regardless of how you get your H2O, it is necessary to get a sufficient amount.

Water and Health

Water helps your health and body in various ways, including joint support, spinal cord protection, organ protection, temperature control, digestion, appetite, weight management, and waste/toxin removal (urination, perspiration, etc.). Not only is it important to get plenty of water on a daily basis, it is important to drink more when you need it. Activities and scenarios that would require your body to have need of more fluids includes exercise, hot weather, fever, loose stool, or vomiting.

How to Get More Water

Drinking water when you are thirsty and at every meal is a great start to drinking more water. To improve your fluid intake levels, there are some tips and tricks you can try. For instance, many people will tell you that drinking out of a cup with a straw and lid will entice you to drink more. So buy yourself a nice plastic drink cup and keep refilling it all day long. Aim for a 20 ounce cup and drink 6 a day to reach nearly one gallon of day-to-day consumption. These are great for at home, at work, or on the go!

If you are the bottled water type, you can benefit by freezing bottles ahead of time, and taking them with you to work or school. This will give you ice cold water throughout the day.

Another great way to motivate your water intake is to think about what you are giving up. The standard 12 ounce sugary soda contains an average of 240 calories and 30 grams of sugar; by substituting a water instead, you positively impact your daily caloric and sugar intake. Overtime, this can improve weight, skin health, bone strength, mobility, and more. Moreover, having a glass of water in place of a sugary beverage will also save you money at restaurants!

If you have trouble drinking water because it lacks flavor, you can add lemon, lime, cucumber, pineapple, or orange to enhance the taste. You can also purchase liquid water enhancers, such as Crystal Light, Dasani Drops, or Mio. They come in infinite flavors, and most are sugar-free and calorie-free.

Improving Water Quality

If tap water does not look, smell, or taste good, it is a lot harder to drink more of it on a daily basis. To help, you can have a water purification system installed to eliminate the contaminants and hard mineral ions that typically reduce water quality. If you suspect that your drinking water is not the best it could be, consider a water filtration or reverse osmosis system for your home or property.

Source by Sarahbeth Kluzinski


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