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People who are looking for scrupulously engineered and masterfully sophisticated collection of watches should visit a Movado Watch showroom to satisfy their desires. These watches possess such an elegant art of design that people simply can not stop themselves buying such a classic piece of luxury. Company was opened by a 19-year old entrepreneur named Achille Ditesheim in a Swiss village La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1881. Its 129 years old successful history is garnished by 100 patents and 200 international rewards for creativity and artistic ability in time technology as well as timepiece designing.

Its quite old history has witnessed the evolution of many gorgeous timepieces. Company’s artistic designs are known for their rotor-driven automatics, resilient scratch-proof sapphire crystal faces, light weight and comfortable curled face cases. “Movado” which means “always in motion” in the International Esperantist language is the genuine trademark of some of the most popular watches ever created.

One of its most popular pieces of luxury consists of 1912 Polypan with an original and revolutionary ornamental motion created on three axes to fit a case rounded to tag along the wrist. Company’s another innovative creations were WWI Soldier’s watch with exotic as well as protective probe and the 1927 Ermeto, a capsule-shaped fob watch followed by the descending movement of the case. 1950’s Kingmatic series and Movado Artist’s series were very famous series of rotor-driven automatics. The award winning innovation of Movado Watch was Movado Museum Watch with its well-renowned and legendary dial. This dial was designated by a single dot at 12 which symbolizes the high noon sun. This dial is termed as a representation of Modernization.

Movado Watch is particularly known for its brilliance in design, expedition for hi-tech innovation and devotion to Swiss craftsmanship. If one considers the varieties, there are more than 24 distinctive men’s, ladies’ and unisex Movado designs to make a choice. The name of this brand shows off ageless class, unfussiness, elegance and luxury. Proprietor can feel the essence of a classy celebrity look without making big sacrifices. It signifies luxury even though it is available at comparatively less prices than some of its close competitors.

There is a huge range of popular varieties in Movado ladies’ jewelry watches also. These watches include the very popular “Amarosa” bangle watch is gold-plated stainless steel with famous black museum dial and Swiss quartz motion. Other popular classes are bela, belamoda, eliro, esperanza and faceto. These six exotic female classes are further subdivided into 40 different numbers of pieces. Women who like conventional 12-marker dials can satisfy their desire by purchasing faceto series for improved functionality without forgoing diamond.

Men’s Movado watches are also divided in seven distinct classes such as faceto, fiero, junior sport, juro, luno, metio and Movado artists’ series. These seven classic families of watches are further available as 40 different pieces of luxury. The “Museum” Movado Watch for men has won most awards allowing many custom-built options. There is an option for men to choose white or black authentic lizard wrist band, steel link wristlet or a tan ostrich strap. Movado Watch is a genuine collection of different watches for both men and women with reasonable prices plus classic touch of time technology and design.

Source by Beth Sanchez


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