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Tactics Insurance Adjusters May Use to Undercut the Value of an Injury Claim



Unfortunately, unscrupulous insurance adjusters do exist. Many try to use unfair tactics to try and lowball or undercut the value of an insurance claim. Personal injury attorneys have experience to help protect their clients from these practices.

Determining a Realistic Estimate of Case Value

Adjusters sometimes try to unfairly intimidate claimants by bringing so-called attorney experts to write negative opinion letters regarding case value. Remember, any attorney brought in by the adjuster is being paid by the insurance company. Your own personal injury attorneys can review your claim and discuss factors that may influence the estimated value of your claim.

Travel Expenses as a Lowballing Tactic

Insurance adjusters often try to convince claimants that it will be inconvenient for them to travel back to the jurisdiction of the accident to pursue their claim. The idea is that claimants will cave and take a lower settlement amount rather than face the travel, time, and expense. The truth of the matter is, your physical presence may not be required at all. Your personal injury lawyers will discuss with you whether such travel is necessary on your part.

Skeletons in the Closet

Expect the adjuster to gather information about your background if you file an injury claim. The adjuster may hope you’ll take a reduced settlement rather than risk bringing private details about your life to light. They may, for instance, seek to determine whether you have a misdemeanor in your background. Such an issue may have nothing whatsoever to do with your injury claim, but the adjuster knows that the information can, in court, cast doubt on your overall character. Your personal injury attorneys can explain what is proper and whether any of the information the adjuster has is relevant to your claim.

Experts for Hire

Adjusters often hire attorneys to write worthless opinion letters which log-jam a claim and thereby hinder settlement negotiations. In addition, they may hire other experts to devalue your claim. These hired experts also work for the insurance company, not you. Your personal injury lawyers can help evaluate these so-called expert opinions and discuss strategies for dealing with them.

While no guarantee can be made that your claim will settle for a specific amount (if at all), an insurance bad faith lawyer can help you avoid and respond to unscrupulous tactics used by some insurance adjusters. Keep in mind that the insurance company has a stake in making sure your claim either settles for a low amount, or not at all.


Source by Jay Sadd, Esquire



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