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The things found in the ecological system provide several benefits to mankind that makes life bearable on earth. Therefore, there is the need to conserve these ecological resources. The following are some strategies suggested for the sustenance and maintenance of the environment. The government, corporate bodies, institutions and individuals should strive in implementing these strategies to ensure the survival and sustenance of the natural resources in the environment.

i. Promote the rearing of animals

The rearing of animals should be encouraged to ensure the survival of the animal species in the environment. If every household learns to rear at least one animal species we will all be putting out measures in sustaining them. Funds should be given to the agricultural firms and industries that is committed to animal farming so that they will be well equipped in caring for a wide range of animal species to prevent the extinction of some of them in the environment.

ii. Encourage reforestation

Every individual should practice the planting of trees in his or her environment. The practice that should be implemented is ‘plant the number of trees that you fell’. If this culture is promoted, there will never be the distinction of some plant species in our environment. The indiscriminate felling down of trees should cease.

iii. Refill clay pits etc. for future use

Artists must refill pits of clay after they have taken large lumps for use. These pits shouldn’t be left like that otherwise they can be threats for human life and even abodes for wild animals. Therefore, they have to be refilled with the available soil to ensure its constant supply in the future.

iv. Experimenting and using alternative/improvised materials that are eco-friendly thus recyclable, biodegradable and renewable

Artists should experiment and try using materials in the environment that are eco-friendly or are bio-degradable for the production of artefacts. They should use organic materials that can be decomposed after the spoilage of the artefact. Also, they should use materials that can be easily recycled into other new forms without wastage. Production processes that are eco-friendly or do not impose danger on the environment should be used by artists. For example, gas kilns when used effectively are better than firewood kilns because while the former is smoke-free, the latter causes intense smoke that can cause air pollution.

v. The Government should strengthen and reinforce laws

The government and its institutions responsible for maintaining and implementation of laws should be firm in the laws regarding the environment. Huge penalties should be imposed on citizens who break the laws concerning the indiscriminate falling down of trees, bushfires, the unwarranted killing of animals, illegal mining and galamsey operations, indiscriminate disposal of refuse and all the other activities of people that are ‘enemies’ to the environment and our rich natural resources. Offenders should be severely punished to serve as a deterrent for others who tread their footsteps.

If these measures or strategies are implemented, it would help in saving our ecology and ensure the sustenance and maintenance of our rich natural resources.


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