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Learning how to jelqing works is SUPER important to doing it right. Want to know what the biggest reason that some men do NOT get any benefit from male enhancement exercises? They do them wrong. And just like doing push-ups incorrectly, or NOT learning the right way to do a curl, the benefits you are going to get from the actual exercises are FAR less than they should be…..especially if you are counting on them to give you great gains. (which for most of the men reading this right now…..you are)

Here is what you need to know about jelqing

  1. You are NOT trying to build “muscle” in your penis with PE exercises. You are trying to toughen the tissue….as this is where the size improvements come from.
  2. When tissue is torn down in the penis, (much like anywhere else) it re-grows, re-builds and rejuvenates, coming back stronger, thicker and more robust than it was initially. The cells in the spongy penile tissue divide and separate….allowing more blood to flow to and through the primary penile chamber. (called the corposa cavernosa)
  3. Jelqing should be done carefully, with proper technique and an eye of safety. You DON’T want to just haphazardly run your hands up and down your anatomy….thinking that it’s doing you any good when it comes to size. (it isn’t’)
  4. Grips are important. So TOO is technique. As a matter of fact…the 3 MOST important elements of jelqing properly are torque, tension and technique. (the 3 T’s we coined long ago!)

Lastly…..while jelqing is safe, there are many methods that are being “taught” out there that can be potentially hazardous to your penis. Using hanging weights is an example of this…as are some of the other penile “props”, pumps and pulleys which are often sold by vendors who recommend exercise as well.

The bottom line?

Jelqing CAN (and will) change your life if you are self conscious about your size. But learning how to do it PROPERLY is paramount…and if you get this wrong, you WILL be disappointed in the results, I promise!

Source by Amos Amsterdam


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