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Our Federal Government should stay out of regulations that purposely and adversely affect one competitor in industry for the benefit of another – unfortunately with our lobbyists in Washington DC, that’s just not what happens. We need standardization for our civilization, but must be very careful how we legislate that, or determine such parameters.

All too often those closest to the power base get their way over their marketplace competition. It’s free-enterprise and the consumers who lose, while one group of investors and executives get rich – then are all too willing to return the favor in campaign contributions to keep that gravy train hovering its Maglev Track to future profits.

Not long ago we were discussing this issue at our Think Tank and think tanker Andrew stated:

“The reason why I believe this is such an important issue is a very simple concept. The Federal Government is constantly flip flopping back and forth from one party to another, and it could actually be toxic for a business – absolutely a nightmare. When centralized governments flip flop back and forth, it creates uncertainty for business owners.”

True enough, still, if our Federal Government was running its business with integrity, we wouldn’t have to worry about that. Today, we have too much crony-capitalism and hijacking of the political process. The Obama Administration is quite troubling in that regard, from a business person’s perspective, unless you are on the inside track I suppose, then you get all the juice and your competitors get crushed, as they pick winners and losers.

Are things better at the state level? Yes and no, overall perhaps, however, some states are completely arbitrary with how they enforce the laws. So, we never sold a franchise in TX to anyone who wasn’t and Aggie! We are not stupid, we know the drill. Wait, we once did sell a franchise to a non-Aggie, but he didn’t last long.

Perhaps the worst thing in business is uncertainty, because if you don’t know what you are dealing with it’s hard to allocate large amounts of capital, because you simply cannot ascertain if you can ever achieve a reasonable ROI, and the uncertainty adds to the risks, thus, lessens the potential rewards.

Having some standardization regulations help alleviate uncertainty, and all market players know what they are dealing with, as long as there is trust in the stability of those standards moving forward. Business, both small and large, and entire industries must be able to trust the government at all levels and the political apparatus – if not all bets are off. Of course this is part common sense, part warning, and part philosophy. Be Great, Don’t Hesitate.

Source by Lance Winslow


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