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Kin Move Fitness was launched by fitness expert Stefania Ciulla as a way to inspire people to “move better and live better.” Stefania has over 7 years of experience as a Kinesiologist having trained hundreds of athletes and she specializes in corrective movement, hence the name of the organization. “Kin” stands for Kinesiologist, “Move” stands for movement specialist, and “Fitness” stands for strength and conditioning coach.

Kin Move Fitness helps people struggling with movements and who experience due to either strenuous activity or sedentary jobs. The brand’s philosophy is to help people take back control of their body through fundamental movement patterns, showing what can be achieved by exercise and proper movement.

Ahead of Black Friday, Kin Move Fitness is offering discounted one-on-one coaching, virtual boot camps, and fitness and corrective movement training. Fans can learn more through her website and social media accounts.

Image Credit: Kin Move Fitness

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