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Fashion has a significant influence on all females over the years because females are more fashionable than men. To females, the technique is a statement and determines your personality by portraying your different styles. Fashion should be unique in every individual; however, because of media influences, fashion style has created a common denominator which most people imitate to become like the “supermodels.” Fashion style has positive and negative effects on females. We will first determine the adverse effects of fashion style, and we will re-enforce it with positive results.

Adverse effects of fashion style

Identity. Your identity is affected by fashion style because you tend to follow what is stereotypical in the fashion world. The fashion industry created stereotyped supermodels who are labeled as beautiful with their thin physique. Most females worked so hard to achieve that supermodel figure because of their misconception about being attractive. To them, a little meat is fat and being fat is not beautiful.

Financial Deficit. Stereotypical is what’s going on with fashion style. You often buy branded clothes that are very expensive, and you tend to spend more beyond what you earn to be up to date with fashion style, and you end up broke or even in debt.

Peer pressure among teen females. Fashion style influences many young teenage girls. If you don’t wear the latest clothing from famous brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Chanel, or Dolce & Gabbana, it merely means you are not “IN,” and you cannot be part of the popular girl’s group in your school. This adds pressure to young girls to become part of a group that will often result in low self-esteem and even depression.

Positive effects of fashion style (re-enforcement of adverse impacts)

Identity. Contrary to the adverse effects, the style will help you become creative and unique with a different style that will fit your personality and lifestyle. It is a matter of understanding how fashion can positively influence you. It also a matter of personal choice whether or not you will follow what the media has branded beautiful. The technique is about your style; it not about looking the same as the supermodels. You can be beautiful with curves as long as you feel good inside. Beauty comes from within.

Avenue for savings. With an enormous variety of different styles, your wardrobe will not go out of style. You can mix and match, and add a little accessory, and your old will become something new and trendy. You don’t need to spend extra money to buy for super, expensive branded clothing to be “in” with fashion. Creativity is all you need with little help tips from the experts, and you will create a fashion statement in your small way.

Be Confident. Becoming famous is not an issue as long as you are confident with your looks. Fashion is not all about expensive designer clothes. More brands offer good quality and unique designs than expensive designer clothes. If you are confident with your style, you will get the attention you deserve, and peer pressure will no longer be an issue.

According to top designers, fashion style is not what you see on TV or magazines, but it is how creative you are by turning a simple top to a great blouse that will set the trend in the fashion world. Set your worries aside, and don’t be afraid to be wonderful yourself.

Source by Philip Gregory Andrews

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