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Kin Case is a 40L travel solution that gives you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. The backpack comes with four packing tools that will solve all your problems on the go.

The bag is water-repellent and comes with a laptop sleeve, a portable sling bag, a waterproof laundry bag, clothing straps, and an extendable shoe bag. Its user-friendly storage design truly sets it apart from other travel bags on the market.

The brand prioritized comfort with this sleek aesthetic. They added padded shoulder straps and back padding to the design. Kin Case has anti-theft lock buckles, a built-in rain cover, charging ports, and quick access pockets. The bag has weight-balanced straps, so users can wear it as a backpack or carry it like a duffle bag.

The product is available on Kickstarter.

Image Credit: Kin Case

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