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Obtaining an American citizenship is not easy. One has to live in the United States for a decade or so before actually being eligible for the same. But then, is it the only way? Just like any other aspect, there are shortcuts here as well. You can become a citizen of the United States in as less as six months, provided you join the US Army.

With new amends being brought about, the temporary skilled migrants are now permitted to join the US Army. However, these migrants include those holding the H – 1B visas and so on and have been living in the United States for a minimum of two years. This amend has been brought about with respect to the lack of personnel to be recruited in the Army. The requirement has also come about with the personnel being posted in Iraq, Afghanistan and so on.

This amend is the first time after the Vietnam War that the armed forces is open for the temporary residents of the United States. However, the military is open for those holding the Green Card. This can also be considered as a tactic towards getting in more people into the army.

With the recession and the slow growth in the market, this is an open option for many immigrants who wish to settle down in the United States. So, in a way, this is the shortest route to being a US citizen that is by serving the country.

This is basically a one year pilot program where in thousand immigrants would be recruited from throughout the country. The process would begin from New York.

It is speculated with the skilled immigrants joining the US army, there is a lot of scope for improvement in the quality of the army personnel. This is because these skilled migrants are highly qualified with years of professional work experience along with know – how of many foreign languages. This would not be the case with many Native Americans. Thus, there would be an ease in imparting those specific skills and would sure fill up the voids regarding interpretation of language, medical facilities and other intelligence requirements.

This program is very much applicable for the migrants of Indian origin who form the largest population of the immigrants in the United States under the skilled migrant category. However, the Latinos who are generally speak Spanish form the highest population under the unskilled category.

Around five hundred and fifty personnel would be recruited from New York itself with another four hundred and fifty from the other parts of the country. Those who speak one of the thirty five specific languages such as Arabic, Tamil, Hindi or Urdu, Chinese and so on are eligible under this program. However, those who speak Spanish are strictly not permitted into this program.

With the US marines always finding it hard to cope with the various languages, this can prove to be a fresh start for the same, especially those placed in the Afghan – Pak areas.

This program would also recruit three hundred medical practitioners from other parts of the US.

If this program is found to be a success, it would be expanded to all the other domains of the US military as well.

So, if you feel that the US is your home and for your generations to come, this does not seem like a bad option at all!

Source by Ajay Sharma


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