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Only the finest fashion in the building.
Selena Gomez has been busy filming the second season of her hit series Only Murders in the Building in chilly New York City, and she’s been as fashionable as ever while she does it. The actress has recently been spotted on the streets of the city in not one, not two, but four different stylish coats, giving us serious outerwear envy.
In one photo, the 29-year-old goes high-fashion in a forest-green wrap coat paired with black pants and black shoes. In another pic, the actress looks as cozy as ever in a light-brown full-length teddy coat with an oversized dark-brown fuzzy infinity scarf. And in a third look, Selena rocked a gray-and-white marble-print maxi puffer jacket paired with a cream-colored scarf.
The trio of cool coats—all worn on Jan. 24—brought her grand total to four, after being spotted in a gorgeous white coat on set late last month.

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