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When Saturn enters a new sign in September; Mars will do a dance in the house of Gemini and Cancer. What does that mean for the world, country, and finally, personally? This will become a matter of interpretation, and your best source is a good astrologer. Let me explain more specifically.

First, Saturn will be entering Virgo on September 3, 2007. If you are a Virgo, many challenges and new obligations will be put before you. Your acceptance of these challenges is revealed by your natal sun configuration. For all intents and purposes the vibration will change from” Hold your ground and put out all the fires that erupt around you” to “Let’s get to the bottom of this”. You will use your Virgo powers of discrimination in determining the changes you have to make to keep the fires out totally.

Basically, you have become entrenched in a process that no longer fits your life and now you will have the opportunity to change it to your liking.

Second, if you are another sun sign, somewhere in your chart the sign of Virgo is present. This will be the area of redefinition. You may think that this will only affect Virgo’s. Surprise! There is an area in all of our charts that is ruled by the constellation of Virgo. Did I hear you say “Where is it?” It could be anywhere. It will totally depend on your exact time of birth and where you were born. Oh yes, we mustn’t forget the date of birth. Unless you are a student of Astrology, you will have to confer with an Astrologer to get your correct alignment. I would like to give you an indication of what Saturn in Virgo will be about when we look at the placement in our personal charts.

Third, at the same time that Saturn enters Virgo, Mars will be transiting Gemini and moving towards Cancer, where it will go retrograde on November 15, 2007 at 12 degrees Cancer. Mars at this time takes on the vibration of Saturn and redefines the area that it transits. Mars will retrograde back to Gemini 24 degrees on January 30th 2008. It is very important to know what planets you have in Gemini and Cancer in order to track the transit of Mars in this area. If there are conjunctions and/or other aspects in this sector, they will produce much stronger and more personal meanings. One thing I noticed was that Mars went into a cardinal sign, (Cancer) a signal of new beginnings; however, with the retrograde going all the way back into Gemini to then go direct, I would hasten to say that your first course of action will be modified before you can actually commit to moving forward on the direct. This will depend on the planets that you have in Gemini and in Cancer and/or aspects that they make from that position. If that didn’t give you enough of a headache, keep in mind that this Mars will also be making a square to transiting Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter at different times. Now that I have lost you in the land of transiting planets, I do want to delineate for you the possibilities of this transiting Saturn in square to transiting Mars. Before I move into that realm, I would like to say that this is a deliberate effort on the side of whoever is in charge to move you in the best direction for you personally. If you have intercepted houses, you will have to cut and paste to make it work for you. When the Mars transit is over, you will recognize the genius of it all.

Saturn entering Virgo on the 1st house cusp has a lot of issues. The most important issue is the start of a whole new Saturn transit through the chart. This is a beginning that leaves the last 28 years behind. Saturn in the 1st house is all about redefining how you appear to the outside world. This could mean appearance or how people perceive you. Saturn will take on the traits of Virgo for the next 2 ½ years. Virgos have their own yardstick that measures everything by discriminating, discerning, judging, and weighing for the sake of some value system only known to them. Planets in this 1st house indicate new beginnings. This is your opportunity to reinvent yourself.

The transit of Mars is at the same time for everyone; however, it is different due to the house placement of Mars and then by the natal planets involved. The dates for Mars transits through your 10th are as follows; Mars enters Gemini on August 8th, 2007 and continues until November 15, 2007 when it retrogrades in Cancer at 12 degrees. On November 15th, 2008 may start to look as if they are not working as you expected. This is the point where natal planets come very much into play. Retrograde Mars goes all the way back September 17th, 2007 and re-enters Gemini. This is an indication of change. Any time Mars enters a sign; it takes on the qualities of that sign and offers another path or opportunity for you. If you take notes on or around September 17th, you will have an indication of what those changes might be. Gemini on the 10th house will indicate that you are redefining your career. I always think of labels when I think of the 10th house. You may be adding a new label to your repertoire. Changes in this area are imminent. Look for changes in this area (direct Mars), followed by modification (retrograde Mars) and finally, resolve (direct Mars).

Saturn entering Virgo in the 2nd house has the distinction of redefining your values. Values can mean many things to many people and surely, Virgo will have his or her very earnest meanings. The term “values” incorporates the themes of Love and money. A Virgo can define love emotionally, physically and psychologically. Keep in mind the preciseness of Virgo and add that to the pot. Now things start to get interesting because finances will also be redefined with the usual Virgo flair.

Gemini on the 11th house will indicate the other area being activated by Mars. This area has much to do with friends, hopes and wishes and your goals for the future. Watch carefully from September 17th to November 15th to see what could possibly change. Mars will go direct on Jan. 30th, 2008, moving forward without interruption. The natal planets in this area will give real meaning to the Mars transit.

Saturn entering Virgo in the 3rd house is an indication of solidarity in dealing with communications and community. This has an effect on cementing relations with brothers and sisters. This is also where you work and your community. Saturn in the 3rd always wants to cover its butt on every level. All of these and more are up for redefinition with Virgo in the 3rd house.

Mars entering the 12th house is an indication of clearing out and redefining the past in preparation for Mars entering the 1st house. This can be a time of letting go: of people, of places, of things that are not meaningful in your life anymore. It’s a perfect time for clearing out old emotional baggage, and I mean that literally, figuratively, mentally and spiritually. This is a time of release.

Saturn in Virgo in the 4th house is all about redefining you from your core to your physical manifestation. This can be a time of new beginnings as you address your deepest desires. Every choice you make will be preceded by the question, “Is this what I really want?” This is a time of self-discovery and self-awareness. Saturn in the 4th house will redefine the inner you and create a stronger foundation for you.

Mars transiting the 1st house indicate attention to personal matters. Mars in this position calls for action from you concerning personal appearance and moving forward to initiate changes. Good time for a make-over. You will notice some set backs starting November 15, 2007 as Mars will go retrograde. It continues to go retrograde until January 30th, 2008 when it goes direct uninterrupted. This will change your appearance to the outside world.

Saturn in Virgo in the 5th house asks us to redefine our creativity. Creativity can mean many things to many people but some of the more important points to think about are children, love affairs, entertainment and investments. This can readjust your life in any area or all of these areas during this cycle. You will notice changes but they will be for your security and open new doors of opportunity.

Gemini on the 2nd house and Mars transiting can indicate a disruption in your house of values. Mars always seems to shake things up a bit. Mars has a way of taking action and will remap your second house. This means that as far as money and love goes, expect some changes. Money may become a yardstick and you may measure your growth by the dollar signs in your pay check. You may notice some set backs from November 15, 2007 when Mars goes retrograde. One thing to remember is that when Mars finally goes direct on January 30th 2008 you will be closer to your financial and emotional goals than ever before.

Saturn’s transit through Virgo in the 6th house has everything to do with health, pets and your everyday work. If you have Virgo on the 6th, it tells me that you are very precise about your work and that you enjoy detail. This would also say the same for health matters. You are probably a stickler for proper dietary patterns. This is all about redefining your work and health. Think your work will stay the same during the next 2 ½ years? I don’t think so….Watch how you take on new work habits and health habits during this cycle.

Gemini on the 3rd does produce a talker and with Mars in this sector, you will be talking, talking, talking. Look for Mars to accelerate your communications with brothers and sisters, community issues and issues that have to do with where you work. Delays or a change of mind can come after November 15, 2007 as Mars goes retrograde. Keep matters light until the direct motion of Mars on January 30th, 2008.

Saturn in Virgo on the 7th house brings the area of partnership (business or personal) to the fore front of your day-to-day world. You will be redefining this area and bringing a much needed eye to it. Partnerships will require more from you. This may become a problem, and new agreements may have to be formulated, and needed changes will be made. Dealing with the public and people in the world will be up for adjustment.

Mars seems to burst forth on your 4th house of home, indicating a connection with your Saturn in the 7th house. Mars setting foot in the 4th house will require a re-organization of matters of the 4th house. Remember this is the house of home and core issues. You will be asking yourself constantly “Is this what I really want?” On November 15th Mars will go retrograde and problems or delay will arise. There will be changes in this area and you may find yourself changing your mind midway. Just remember to stay light until Jan. 30, 2008. Natal planets will be very important when it comes to this transit.

Saturn in Virgo in the 8th house always seems to have a lot to do with money. Not your money but partnership finances, mortgages, loans, and money you might receive from inheritance. It seems that during this period your issues with money from others will be tested. If your base is strong and you have dotted all your “I’s” and crossed all you’re “T’s”, any changes here will only make your base stronger. If your agreements are weak, then this will be a time of rebuilding and strengthening your current relationship with other people’s money

Mars, on the other hand, is entering your 5th house and indicates a redefining of your relationships with children, investments, entertainment and love affairs. This is truly the creative house and in some way your creativity (either with children or whatever you happen to create) will get redefined. You may find yourself more involved with a child or assessing your relationships involved with this house. This is not an angular house but, if you have planets here, it will be important. Angular houses are more personal to you. It seems that there is an adjustment needed in this area and by November 15, 2007, you should know what is needed. I would stay light until after Jan. 30th, 2008, as that is when your decisions become final and the changes are near completion.

Saturn in Virgo in the 9th house ushers in a time to redefine your philosophy, make adjustments involving legal matters, return to school. Your 9th house covers many issues. They are mostly internal and mental. Preparing for a trip, writing a book, seeking your own spiritual guides are among some of the opportunities you may encounter. Keep in mind that as Saturn reaches the 10th house, you will be at the high point of your career. You could be preparing for that.

Mars takes its sojourn through your 6th house and activates your everyday work and your health. This is a time when there are difficulties at work or in health matters. This transit will focus you more in the direction you want to go. November 15th, 2007 is an important date. Some delays can occur around this time or you may totally change your mind about the direction in which you are going. Stay light until Jan. 30th, 2008; then move forward with confidence.

Saturn in Virgo in the 10th house of career indicates that you have reached a high point in your career. You will be looking at redefining it during this current Saturn cycle of 2 ½ years. If you have planets in this house, it will be more exacting. This is a time when you start to yearn for challenges and look at the possibilities for your future. You will see that you can go no farther without making some adjustments. Any thoughts you might have had about another career option will surface and need attention.

Mars transiting the 7th house of partnerships brings with it a couple of bumps in the road, especially, when you deal with relationships, partnerships, and the general public. You will find that some upsets that have to be dealt with may change your agreements with relationships or partnerships. The 7th house is a personal house, so this will be personal; however, it will leave you in a better position for the direction you are contemplating.

The interesting period here will be November 15, 2007 when you start to internalize your decisions. Go easy and do not make any plans that are set in stone until Jan. 30th. 2008.

Saturn in Virgo in the 11th house of goals, hopes and wishes always indicates a redefining of these topics. Basically, you will be redefining what you want to achieve and how you will get there. This is a 2 ½ year cycle so it will take some time to accomplish. You will be investing in the future and will determine what is truly significant for you. This is also the house of friendships-so some may fall away and new ones may replace them.

Mars will be entering your 8th house of death, sex, taxes and partnership finances. Mars seem to start trouble wherever it goes. Since Mars will be in this house for at least 6 months, it is bound to upset current situations and may totally redefine your 8th house. Your next question is, “How wills this show up?” Will partnership finances change? Will taxes or insurance need attention? Will money from other people change in some way? As Mars goes retrograde on November 15, 2007 important issues arise. I recommend that you stay light until Jan. 30, 2008 and then move forward with confidence.

Saturn in the 12th house seems to scare some people; however it is really all about preparing for Saturn in the 1st house and a new 28 year cycle. The 12th house represents the past, the subconscious, hospitals or institutions. This is a time to let go of the baggage you have been carrying with you for the last 20 years. You may find that you need to get rid of stuff that has accumulated in your home that takes up valuable space. Same with the subconscious, its time to purge. You will feel like stripping off anything that has no meaning in your life. It is important to feel free of the past and anything that drags along with it.

Mars starts to enter your 9th house of education, legal matters, foreign affairs and philosophy in early August. Mars wants to upset the matters of this house in order to find out what is outdated and not useful. You may find yourself immersed in legal matters, or mesmerized by education or traveling too far of places. This Mars transit is important and will redefine matters of your 9th house. An important date to watch is November 15, 2007 and Jan. 30th 2008. This period can bring in a delay or you may change direction. Stay light until Jan. 30th 2008. Then move forward without interruption.

Source by Mary MacLean


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