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On Riverdale, she’s Hermione Lodge, former mayor and mother to Veronica. In real life, she’s taking down child predators. 

A new TV show based on the life of Marisol Nichols is being developed, months after Marie Claire ran a story about how she spends her free time participating in stings to catch child sexual predators. When she’s not working, she partners with the FBI and other law enforcement to use her acting skills in sting operations, sometimes posing as a child and sometimes posing as their parent. 

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures TV has optioned the rights to the story and is in the early stages of developing it into a TV show, with Nichols executive producing and likely starring. 

The Marie Claire profile, published in April, goes into detail about the roles Nichols plays during these operations, which involve a lot of texts and phone calls luring predators to motel rooms. 

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