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FREITAG, a brand well-known for its upcycled bags and accessories, recently introduced a colorful collection of compact and practical recycled wallets. Appealing to eco-conscious consumers, the six new silhouettes are crafted from recycled truck tarps. The vibrant colors and robust construction add a unique and eye-catching aesthetic to the offerings, making it suitable for various occasions and the everyday. Despite the compact size of the recycled wallets, the products offer clever internal organization to securely hold essentials and enhance the experience of the wearers.

FREITAG’s dedication to sustainable production does not end with the brand’s material choice. The wallets prioritize longevity and lack internal lining so the recycled wallets can be easily disassembled or repaired.

The new styles include Parker, Barrow, Sutton, Werler, Lazarus, and Brandon, each catering to different needs with varying pocket configurations and price points.

Image Credit: FREITAG

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