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Goldwin introduces the Re-Optimum series, a collection of functional apparel aimed at promoting recovery by enhancing the quality of passive rest. These ground-breaking garments are made from the high-performance KODENSHI® fiber. The core principle of the design centers on maintaining body temperature close to its optimal level, as even a slight one-degree drop can lead to a significant decrease in immune system effectiveness.

The Re-Optimum series includes sweatshirts and sweatpants made from organic cotton with long fiber length and featuring specially twisted yarn for skin contact. The functional apparel prioritizes warmth, comfort, and temperature regulation to support overall relaxation and recovery.

Goldwin, an international technical apparel brand headquartered in Tokyo, is known for its minimalist design, technical sophistication, and performance-oriented approach across various categories, including ski and activewear. The Re-Optimum series reflects Goldwin’s commitment to innovation in promoting well-being through apparel.

Image Credit: Goldwin

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